The toolbar contains a variety of tools and functions you might use while designing in Figma. What appears in the toolbar depends on what you have selected on the canvas. From left to right we have...

Figma's search feature can be found under the menu icon and is a great way to search for various functions. Search by name, or browse by general section (e.g. File, Edit, View, etc). If there is a keyboard shortcut for the function your trying to perform, if will be listed in here as well. 

Move Tool
The Move Tool is selected by default when you open files in Figma. This tool allows you to select and reorder layers in the Layers Panel, as well as move elements around on your Canvas.

Scale Tool
Click the drop down icon to the right of the Move Tool (or use the "K" keyboard shortcut) and you'll find the  Scale Tool

Shape Tools
In addition to drawing your own shapes using the Pen Tool [link], there are a number of default shapes you can use in Figma. Click the dropdown menu next to the rectangle to see the available Shape Tools and shortcuts.

Frame Tool
Under the drop down menu for the Region Tools, you'll find the Frame Tool. Frames are like Artboards.

Pen Tool
Draw custom shapes and icons with the Pen Tool using Figma's Vector Networks.

Text Tool
Use the T keyboard shortcut to add text objects to your designs.

Comment Tool
Comments allow you to quickly exchange ideas with other team members. Comments are accessible to anyone with view or edit permissions to the file. 

Edit Object
Once you've drawn a shape on the canvas, use the Edit Object tool to quickly enter vector edit mode.

Reset Instance
Clear any overrides you may have added to instances with the Reset Instance button.

Create Component
Design reusable pieces of UI elements by turning them into Components.

Use as Mask
Hide and show specific portions of other layers using Masks

Boolean Groups
Combine shape layers through one of four formulas: Union, Subtract, Intersect, and Exclude. Boolean groups are then treated as a single shape. 

Remove unwanted areas from your images using the Crop Tool. 

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