Getting Started with Figma

Welcome to Figma, the world's first Collaborative Interface Design Tool.

Figma allows you to design and prototype your digital experiences, together, in real-time and in one place; helping you to turn your ideas into products, faster.

Figma is built for the browser, so you can use it across any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook). No downloads* or updates required.

For those that  prefer the app experience, you can download the Figma Desktop App for Windows and Mac. Or use the Figma Mirror app to take your live presentations to the next level. Learn more and download the apps at

* If you want to use your own local fonts with Figma, in the browser, then you can also download Figma's Font Helper app. Note: Using local fonts isn't currently supported on Linux devices.

Getting started with Figma

If you're experienced with design tools, then the Figma canvas may look pretty familiar to you! However, there may be a few things that work a little differently than other applications you've used before.

We've put together a couple of tips to get you better acquainted and up and running with Figma.

  1. Make sure your browser is supported.
  2. Set up your browser to work optimally with Figma.
  3. Create your Figma account.
  4. Take a tour of the Figma interface.
  5. Check out all the Keyboard Shortcuts.
  6. Set up your Team in Figma.

Getting Started Video Series

We've created a video series covering how to get started using Figma for your own design projects, beginning at signing up and creating your first team, project and File, to creating Components and using them to design a mobile e-commerce website. Check it out starting with the video below:

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