Create a new Team

Who can use this feature?

✅You want to create a Starter or Professional Team
✅Anyone with a Figma account can create a Team

Creating a Figma Team lets you invite collaborators to a shared space for all of your Projects and design Files.

Teams are for everyone, whether you're working alone on a final project for your Portfolio, or with a large team on the early phases of a new product.

Learn more about Teams in our Teams in Figma article. In an Organization? Check out our Create a New Team in an Organization article.

Before you Start

We have a few different plans available for Teams. You will need to choose a subscription plan when you create a Team.

We offer Starter and Student Teams (free), and Professional Teams (Paid). Our Organization plan allows you to create unlimited Teams.

Free Teams have some restrictions applied e.g. maximum number of Editors or Projects.

Create a Team

Want to create a Student Team? You will need to Apply for a Student Team and Verify your Student Status. You can do this after you create your Team.

  1. Click the New Team button in the bottom-left of the File Browser.
  2. Or, follow this link:
  3. Give your Team a name and click Create Team.
  4. Next you can Add your Collaborators. Enter their email address in the field provided.

    Tip! Click Skip for now to invite collaborators after you've created your Team.

  5. Click Continue to move to the next step.
  6. Choose your Plan.
    1. Click Starter to create a Free Starter Plan. We'll take you straight to the Team Page.
    2. Select Upgrade to Professional to purchase a paid subscription. Complete the process outlined in Steps 4 to 10 in our Upgrade to a Professional Team article.

Learn more about Teams

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