Managing your Billing

Figma is great for Teams! To help foster collaboration we have both free and paid Team plans available.

If you are part of any Professional teams, then each Team will be responsible for their own billing.

Team Owners and Admins can manage and update billing details, at any time, via the Team's Admin Dashboard.

In this article, we'll cover:

  1. Using the Admin Dashboard
  2. Upgrading to an Annual plan
  3. Changing your Payment, Recipient and Invoice Details
  4. Calculating Sales Taxes
  5. Managing Failed Payments
  6. Cancelling your Professional Plan

Not on a Professional plan yet? Check out our Upgrading to a Professional Team article for step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade.

Using the Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard gives you access to all of your Billing information in one place. To view the Admin Dashboard for a team:

  1. Click on the Team name in the the left-hand panel to open the Team page:
  2. In the top-right corner, click the Admin Dashboard link:
  3. You'll be shown the Admin Dashboard for that team: 

At the top of the screen, you will see a summary of your Team, this includes the Team name and the current number of Editors on your team.

You will be also be able to view your Past Invoices, as well as an estimate of your Next Payment, from the Admin Dashboard.

  • Click the See Past invoices link to view a list of all your past invoices:
  • In the Next Invoice section you'll see an estimate of the total invoice value, as well as how many Monthly and Annual seats are included.

You can update who receives your invoice emails using the Change the invoice email recipient link (see below).

Note: Only the Team Owner or an Admin can be assigned as the invoice recipient. If you don't see this option in your Team, then your team may not have another Admin. It's not currently possible to send these to Viewers, Editors that aren't Admins, **or someone that isn't added to your Figma Team.

Underneath that, you'll have a list of all Team Members that are included in your billing. You'll only be charged for Team Members with Can Edit access. We call them "Editors".

  • You can view a summary of each Editor's access to Team Files and Projects by clicking the See edit permissions link next to each Editor.
  • You can also downgrade a Team Member to Can View access to remove them from your billing. Click the Downgrade to Viewer button next to the Editor.

Adding More Editors to your Plan

You can add more Editors to your account by inviting them to your Team. When you add a new Editor to a Team that is billed Monthly, that Editor will be included in your next monthly bill.

If you add or upgrade Viewers to Editors during the billing cycle of an Annual plan, you will be charged for those Editors monthly, at the full monthly rate.

If you have an Annual Plan and want to purchase more seats, or convert a Monthly seat to an Annual seat, please contact Figma Support for more information.

Upgrade to an Annual Plan

Note: Any Editor of the team will be able to Upgrade the Team to the Professional plan; this will make them an Admin of that Team. However, only Team Owners or Admins will be able to access and update the plan details.

If you are on our Monthly plan, then you can choose to switch to Annual billing instead. This will charge you for year upfront on your next billing date.

  1. Click the Add Annual Plan button in the top-right corner:
  2. You'll be shown the number of Editors included and the total Subscription cost:
  3. Every Editor in your Team will require a "Seat". If you plan on adding more collaborators to your Team, you can plan ahead by purchasing additional Seats for your Annual Plan.

    Note: You will still be able to add Editors to your account throughout your Annual billing cycle. However, they will be charged monthly instead of annually, at the monthly rate.

  4. Click Add more seats to determine the total number of seats:
  5. Enter the number in the field provided and click out of the field to update: 
  6. Click the Accept Terms and Upgrade button to complete the process: 

Changing your Payment, Recipient and Invoice Details

Any  Editor of the team will be able to Upgrade the Team to the Professional plan; this will make them an Admin of that Team.However, only Team Owners or Admins will be able to access and update the Billing details.

You can view and update your Billing details by heading to the Admin Dashboard: 

Change your Payment Details

If you'd like to update the credit card details, or change whose details are registered as the payee, you can change the payment source for your account.

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, click the Change payment source link:
  2. Enter the new credit card details in the fields provided: 
  3. Click Use this card to update.

Note: These changes will only be applied to any future invoices and payments. Any existing invoices will show the details of the previous payee.

Change the Invoice Recipient

By default, the Team Owner will be sent a copy of your Team's Invoice, along with any billing reminders.

If this needs to be sent to someone else in the Team, then you can update who will receive this email from the Admin Dashboard.

Invoice emails can only be sent to the Team Owner or an Admin. It's not currently possible to send these to Viewers, Editors that aren't Admins, **or someone that isn't added to your Figma Team.

  1. In the Next Invoice section, you will be able to see who the current recipient is.
  2. Click the Change the Invoice Email Recipient link.
  3. Select who you would like to receive the Invoice emails from the field provided. You will only be able to select from the Team Owner and any existing Admins.
  4. Click outside the field to apply.

Custom Invoice Settings

If you need additional information to appear on your invoices - such as a Name, Company, Address or Tax ID - please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

To contact Figma Support, click the ' ?' icon in the bottom-right corner of the Figma app and select "Get Help", or email

Make sure to include the specific information you want to include on your invoices, in your message.

Calculating Sales Tax and Foreign Contractor Tax

Figma is not currently registered to collect or charge any Sales Taxes outside of the United States; this includes Foreign Contractor Tax.

If you live and work outside of the United States you will not see any tax [e.g. Goods and Service, Sales, Value Added (VAT) or Foreign Contractor etc.] included on your invoices.

Managing Failed Payments

Every now and then a subscription payment may fail. If this does happen, there's nothing to worry about and your account will continue to run. Figma will automatically attempt payment again on the next business day.

Tip! The most common causes for failed payments are insufficient funds, or an expired card. We recommend checking your account balance with your bank and/or updating your payment information in Figma (see above).

If payment fails after a total of 3 attempts, then your account will be locked. During this time you will not have Can Edit access to any of your Files and Projects.

To unlock your account, you will need to make a successful payment by updating your credit card information.

If you run into any issues with making payment, please contact Figma Support by clicking on the ' ?' in the bottom-right corner of the Figma app and selecting " Get Help". Or, email your request to

Once payment has been made, your account will be unlocked and your access restored.

Cancelling your Professional Plan

If for any reason you’re unhappy with Figma, please reach out and let us know - we'd love to see if we can help! Click the ' ?' icon in the bottom-right corner of the Figma app and select "Get Help", or email, to discuss further.

If you'd like to proceed with cancellation, you will need to cancel your Professional plan. This downgrades your subscription to a Starter team, which is limited to 2 Editors and 3 Projects.

To cancel your Professional plan we recommend you:

  1. Downgrade or Remove any additional Editors. Learn more in our Managing your Team article.
  2. Remove any additional Projects. Learn more in our Working with Projects article.
  3. Download your account invoices
  4. Downgrade your account to a Starter Team.
  5. Delete your Team (if required). Learn more in our Managing your Team article.

Refund Policy

By default, we do not provide refunds for cancelled or unused accounts. Learn more about cancellation policy in our Terms of Service.

However, we understand that there are some circumstances that are outside of your control. If you signed up for the annual plan and have changed your mind, please contact us within 30 days to arrange a refund. For our monthly plan, please contact us within 72 hours of payment.

Make sure to include a detailed account of any particular issues you're having, errors you have run into, or limitations experienced and we’ll work with you to make sure you have the best Figma experience possible!

Cancel your Professional Plan

  1. Go to the Team Page and open the Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click the Cancel your Professional plan link:
  3. You'll be prompted to give a reason for downgrading your account. Select the most appropriate reason and click Confirm Cancellation
  4. Click Finish Cancellation to cancel the plan: 

Want to delete your Figma account completely? This can be done by heading to the Account settings page. For more detailed instructions on deleting your account, check out our Managing your Figma Account article.

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