Configure your Browser Downloads Folder

Figma files will usually be downloaded directly to your Downloads folder, or equivalent.

Each browser will allow you to check or update your downloads location. We've put together some instructions on how to do this, by browser:

  1. Google Chrome.
  2. Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Safari.
  4. Microsoft Edge.

To find out more about configuring your browser for Figma. Check out our  Configuring your Browser article.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome and go to the Chrome Settings page.

    macOS: Go to Chrome > Preferences in the menu bar, or using the [Command] + [,] shortcut.

    Windows: Go to File > Preferences or click the vertical ellipses in the top right corner and choose Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Advanced link to expand the settings:
  3. In the Downloads section, you can see what location any downloads will be saved to: 
  4. Use the Change button to update this to another location (if desired).

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox and go to Preferences > General in the main menu:
  2. Scroll down to the Files and Applications section. 
  3. In the Downloads settings, you can check the location where to Save files to
  4. Click Choose to select another folder.


  1. Open Figma in Safari.
  2. Head to Safari > Preferences in the main menu.
  3. In the General tab, check/update the File download location

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Figma in Microsoft Edge.
  2. Select More > Settings and select View advanced settings.
  3. In the Downloads section, select Change to update the Save downloaded files to location.
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