File Browser

The File Browser helps you organize your files and projects. It's your dashboard where you create, modify, and manage your files, projects, and teams in Figma.

In addition to a useful search feature at the top, the browser has four main sections:

  1. Drafts
  2. Recently Viewed
  3. Deleted Files
  4. Teams

The rest of the file space is dedicated to file previews that display the name, the “last edited” date, and the visual content of each file. Right click, or click the menu icon (3 vertical dots) in the lower right corner of each file thumbnail to see a full menu of operations you can perform on that file. 

These operations include:

  1. Show in Project:takes you to the original location of the project if being viewed in Recent Files
  2. Open:Opens the file so you can view its contents, edit, and export
  3. Share:Opens a window that allows you to share via email or via a link
  4. Rename:Changes the name of the file
  5. Duplicate:Creates an exact copy of the file in the same location or in one of your projects if it is a shared file
  6. Delete:moves the project to the Deleted Files view in the sidebar

The files in your file space always appear as thumbnails and show:

  • File name
  • Last time the file was edited
  • Folder where the file lives
  • A lock representing view-only access for shared files


Drafts contain all of the files that are not organized into any specific project. Files can live in the drafts project forever and can be shared with others.

Recently Viewed

Recently viewed shows the last 50 files you’ve viewed. It will show your own files, files belonging to someone else, and files belonging to teams. New files created from this view will be placed in the Drafts folder in your Personal Space. You also can right-click on a file to view it within its project to gain more context.

Deleted Files

Deleted Files shows the personal and team files that have been deleted. You can right-click on a single file (or select multiple) to Restore, Delete Forever, or Duplicate to Drafts.

File Sorting

The recents and folder views will default to sorting files by creation time, whereas the deleted view defaults to deletion time and the search view to search relevance. 

Each page will use the sort default to arrange files until you change the sort criteria. When you change the sort criteria for a particular view, this will be saved so you can switch between views and keep your preferences. 

Here’s how each option works:

  • Last Modified -files are sorted in accordance to the earliest file checkpoint. 
  • File Name -files are sorted alphabetically by name. Numbers appear before letters, and the case doesn’t matter. Files with the same name are then ordered by folder name.
  • Date Created -files are sorted by their creation timestamp
  • Search Relevance -files are arranged by how closely they match a user’s search.
  • Date Deleted -files are sorted by their deletion time. 



Projects can contain as many files as you want. You can share entire projects or individual files within each project. You can create projects by clicking New Project on the left-side panel as well as from the project view when the Team is selected.

To make a project appear on the left-side panel, add it to your favorites by clicking its star in the project list view or in the toolbar when the project is open. You can remove a project from your favorites by removing the star.

How To Share Projects

You can share a project with others to work together. Sharing a project with others grants them access to every file it holds with either edit or view access. You can change someone’s level of access or remove them altogether at any time using the share dialog. You can also leave a project that you’ve been invited to.

Edit access grants full ability to change a file including its name, designs, permissions, or to delete a file. The only limitation is the ability to remove the owner of the project.

View only access allows others to see the full design, comments, leave comments on a design, duplicate the file to their Drafts, and share the file with others with view-only permissions. They cannot change the designs of, rename, or delete the file.

Files can also be shared within Figma. For more information on how to share files, you can check out our article here along with our video tutorial that goes into more detail about file permissions.

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