Using the File Browser

Your Figma account will come equipped with a few folders. They help to manage your Files, Projects and Teams. 

You can access your folders and Team Spaces from the File Browser. This will be the first page you'll see when you open up Figma.

The File Browser itself is made up of three distinct areas:

  • The Menu bar at the top of the screen. This allows you to create or import new Files into Figma, as well as access any folder specific actions.
  • The File Browser on the left-hand side of the screen. This allows you to navigate between the Files, Projects and Teams in your account.
  • The File Space or Team Space. This allows you to view the Files within each folder or Project, as well as access your Team Spaces.

In the article, we'll take you through your:

  • Recent Files
  • Drafts
  • Deleted Files
  • Shared Files and Projects
  • Teams
  • Recent Files

    You can view any Files you have recently viewed by clicking on the Recent folder.

    This will include any Files you've recently opened from any of the following sources:

    • Personal Files from your Drafts folder.
    • Files from any Teams you're a part of.
    • Files from other Teams or Projects.
    • Files from other people's Drafts.
    • Files you've accessed via Link sharing.


    Every Figma user will have a Drafts folder. You can create your own Personal Files in this space.

    Drafts don't have the same sharing settings as any Teams or Projects you are part of. Any Files you create here are your own  Personal Files

    There are no limits in the Drafts folder, you can create as many Files here as you like!

    When you're ready to share, you can invite collaborators to your Personal Files. You can also move Personal Files from your Drafts into existing Teams or create New Projects. Learn more in our Sharing Files article.

    Tip! You can think of your Drafts folder like a sketchbook or notebook. It's a place where you can jot down your ideas and experiment with different concepts. Figma encourages an open and collaborative design environment. It's never too soon to start sharing your ideas and collaborating with others!

    Deleted Files

    When you delete a File in your account, it will immediately be removed from its current folder or Project. If anyone deletes a File that you are the Owner of, it will also be include here.

    You can then view any Files that have been deleted from the Deleted Files folder. This will include any Files you had access to at the time they were deleted. Files will remain in the Deleted Files folder indefinitely.

    You won't be able to open a deleted File. However, you can click on the File menu (three dots), which allows you to:

    • Restore a deleted File:
    • Delete Forever to permanently delete the File. This action is irreversible:
    • Duplicate to Drafts to send a copy of the File to your Drafts folder: 

    Tip! You can use the Created by... setting to choose which Files are included in the results. You can choose between Files Created by AnyoneYou or Others.

    Shared Files

    You can find any Files or Projects that have been shared with you in the Shared Files folder. 

    This will include:

    • Other collaborator's Drafts that you've been invited to.
    • Any Projects from Teams you're not a part of, that have been shared with you.
    • Orphaned Projects:Files or Projects that belonged to Team or Organization members that have been removed from the Team or Organization. This applies to Organizations only.

    Tip! You will find a Sorted by selector in the top-right corner of the File Space. This allows you to change the order that Files appear. Learn more about sorting Files in Working with Files: Sorting Files.


    You can also access any Teams you are part of from the File Browser.

    This allows you to see a list of Teams you are included in. Any Projects that have been favorited will be shown underneath the Team name:

    When you click on the Team name, it will open the Team Workspace. This allows you to view:

    • A list of Team Projects
    • Your Team Settings
    • A list of Team Members

    Tip! You can change the order that your Teams appear in the File Browser:

    1. Click on the Team name and drag up or down.
    2. A black line will indicate where the Team can be placed.
    3. Drag the Team up or down.
    4. Release to confirm the order.

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