Adjust your Prototype Settings

When we have nothing selected and check in the  Prototype tab, we can access our Prototyping Settings.

These settings determine how our Prototype will look in Presentation View.

From the Prototype Settings we can:

  1. Select a Device
  2. Select the Model of Device
  3. Choose an Orientation
  4. View a Preview of how this will look in Presentation View
  5. Select a Background Color
  6. Choose the Starting Frame

Tip! You can also access these setting by clicking the Show Prototype Settings button when you when editing a Connection.


We can use the  Device settings to choose a device for our Prototype.


We have a number of popular device options available. We also have a couple of options based on the dimension of your Prototype's Frames:

  • If you're using one of our Frame presets (e.g. iPhone X), we'll select the Device which matches your Frame.
  • Custom Size (Fit) will automatically scale the design, so that it fits within the screen you are viewing the Prototype on.
  • Presentation Size (Full) will display the Prototype to a size that allows it to be displayed on the screen, in its entirety.


Depending on the  Device selected, you may also be able to specify a certain model Model in the Prototype Settings.


We can see a Preview of how this will look in Presentation View.


The Orientation determines which way your Prototype is presented. You can choose to view your Prototype in Portrait or Landscape.

The Orientation is set for the entire Prototype. It's not possible to switch between Portrait and Landscape view within a Prototype. This is something to bear in mind if you have Frames that are made up of Frames in both Portrait and Landscape.

Background Color

You can also set the Background Color of the Prototyping screen. You'll see this behind whichever Device you have selected.

You can set this to something neutral, or customize this with a brand or company color for extra polish.

Starting Frame

We will determine the  Starting Frame based on the first connection you create.

You can set or update the  Starting Frame from the Prototyping Settings. Select the desired Frame from the drop-down to apply.

Tip! You can also move the Starting Frame icon on the Canvas itself.

  1. Click on the Starting Frame icon.
  2. Drag the icon to another Frame in your Prototype. This could be a Prototype on a separate page within the File.
  3. Release to confirm.

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