Team Plans in Figma

Figma is free for individual users. I you're starting out then you can get started with Figma for without a subscription.

If you'd like to get more out of Figma, you can create a Team.

Teams are for everyone! Whether you're working alone on a final project for your Portfolio. Or, collaborating with a large team on a new product.

Teams let you invite collaborators to a shared Team Page, the home for all your Projects and design Files.

To create a Team, you will need to choose a plan. There are four different plans or Team types available:

Access and Permissions

You can control how collaborators interact with your Team using Permissions.

  • Viewers can only browse Files and give feedback. We don't change you for Viewers and you can add as many as you need.
  • Editors can create new Files and make changes to existing ones. We base your subscription on your total Editor count.

Note: Some of our plans have limitations around how many Editors you can have.


The Starter plan allows you to get a feel for collaboration in Figma.

It's perfect if you're working by yourself and want to structure and organize your Files. Or, if you want to share your work with a collaborator.

The Starter plan is free to use and comes with a few limitations:

You can invite as many Viewers, and create as many Files as you need.

We don't impose any limitations around the kind of work you can create in a Starter team. You can use a Starter plan for personal or business purposes.

If you've reached the limits of the plan, or want to access more of Figma, you can Upgrade to a Professional plan.

Create a Starter Team

Professional (Paid)

The Professional plan gives you access to all Figma's collaborative features. The Professional plan is perfect for any group of people that want to share resources.

This could be a design team within a Company, or a group of designers in an agency or collective.

The Professional plan gives you access to all Figma's collaborative features:

We base your Professional subscription on your Editor count - the number of Editors on your Team.

Create a Professional Team


If you're part of an accredited institution, you may qualify for a Student account. This gives you to access all Figma's functionality, for free.

Like our Professional plan, Student Teams have access to:

There are specific criteria you must meet to qualify for a free Student account. Every member of a Student Team will need to Verify their Student Status.

Create a Student Team


Figma Organizations allow you to share resources, Projects and Files across many Teams. Organizations also give you advanced access and administration controls.

This is perfect for larger companies, where more than one Team has adopted or are wanting to adopt Figma. If you have complex administrative or security requirements, this one is for you.

Figma Organizations have access to most of the functionality of a Professional Team:

Figma Organizations also have:

  • 24/7 Prioritized Support
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Protect Intellectual Property with Draft Ownership
  • Enforced Company Single Sign On (SSO) with Domain Capture
  • Member Provisioning via OneLogin, Okta or Azure Active Directory
  • View Detailed Member History with Activity Logs
  • Share Design Systems with Organization-wide Libraries
  • Share Fonts in Teams and across the Organization
  • Centralized Organization Billing
  • Advanced Privacy Settings with Roles and Account Types
  • Advanced System Controls

Learn more about Figma Organization in Getting Started with Figma Organization.

Tip! For more information on plans and pricing head to the Figma website:

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