Choosing a Figma Plan

Figma is free for individual users; so if you're just starting out then Figma is free for you to use.  If you'd like to step it up a notch and collaborate with other designers on projects, then you can create Teams in Figma.

Teams allow you to create and share Resources, as well as collaborate on Files and Projects. To account for the different ways people use Figma, we have four different types of Teams, or  Plans available:

In this article we'll cover:

Editors and Viewers

Before we dive into Figma's plans, there is an important concept around permissions we need to clarify.

There are two different levels of permission you can give any Figma user. A user's permissions determine how they can interact with Team Projects and Files, as well as whether or not they are included in your Team's billing. You can determine a Team Member's access when inviting them to a Team, or to an individual File.

Viewers are Team Members that have been given "Can View" permission to any Team Projects and Files. This allows them to view and comment on any Files or Prototypes, but doesn't allow them to make any changes to any elements or properties within the File.

Editors are Team Members that have been given "Can Edit" permissions to any Team Projects and Files . Like Viewers, they are able to view and comment on any Files, but they can also make any changes to elements or properties within the File, and share Files from their Drafts.

Each Team will be responsible for their own plan and billing. Your Team's subscription price will depend on how many  Editors you have on your account; you won't be billed for any Viewers.

Note: You can also upgrade any Editor in a Team to an Admin. This allows them to access the Admin Dashboard, where you can you manage your Team's Settings, Members, Projects, Permissions and Billing. Learn more about Viewers, Editors and Admins, and what they can and can't do, in our Permissions article.

Current Figma Plans

There are lots of different groups of people using Figma, from freelancers and small teams to larger agencies, corporations, and educational institutions. 

Check out the Plans below to see which one suits your situation best.

Starter (Free)

This is the default plan chosen when you create a personal account. This allows you to collaborate on a couple of projects with up to one other designer.

  • Unlimited File Storage
  • 30 Day Version History
  • 3 Projects
  • 2 Editors
  • Team Library (for Styles only)

Professional (Paid)

If you work with a company, or a number of designers, then you'll benefit from our Paid  Professional plan.

  • Unlimited Files & Viewers
  • Unlimited Version History
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Team Library (Styles and Components)
  • Slack Integration (Comment Notifications)
  • Private Projects (Invite-Only Projects within Teams)

Organization (Paid) 

If you work in a large company, and share resources, projects and files across  multiple teams, or have more complex administrative requirements, then Organizations is for you.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Editors
  • 24/7 Prioritized Support
  • Unlimited Team Spaces
  • Unlimited Team Projects
  • Company Draft Ownership
  • Enforced SSO
  • Remote Provisioning
  • Activity Logs
  • Team Library (Styles and Components)
  • Organization-wide Libraries (Design Systems)
  • Shared Fonts
  • Advanced System Controls
  • Advanced Privacy Settings

Learn more about Figma Organization in our Getting Started with Figma Organization article.

Education (Free)

If you are part of an  accredited educational institution, then you may be able to access all of Figma's functionality, for free.

Like our Professional plan, Education Teams get access to all of the following features:

  • Unlimited Files & Viewers
  • Unlimited Version History
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Team Component Library
  • Slack Integration (For Account Login and Activity Notifications)
  • Private Projects

There are specific criteria you must meet to qualify for an Education account. For more information on the criteria and how to sign up for an Education account, check out our Setting up an Education account article.

Tip! For more information on plan pricing and what's included in each plan, head to the Figma website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all of our Pricing FAQs here:

Who pays for Figma?

Teams pay for each Editor that they invite to the team. If you've been invited to join a Team in Figma, then you won't be required to pay for your seat on the Team .

Each Team is responsible for paying for its own Editors, so the same applies if you are added to multiple Teams.

Anyone with  Editor access can enter their payment information to upgrade to the Figma account to a Paid subscription.

After upgrading, only account  Admins will be able to access the Admin Dashboard and manage any future payments.

How do I pay?

You can pay for Figma via the Admin Dashboard in your Team. We accept all major credit cards. You can choose to pay your Figma subscription  Monthly, or Annually.

When will I be billed?

For  Monthly plans, you'll be billed instantly when you first sign up for a Paid plan; this will become your regular billing date. Your plan price will depend on the amount of Editors currently on the account.

You'll then automatically be billed on the same date, every month. We'll send you a reminder 7 days before your next bill, and you can view the  Invoice detail for the month in your account, once payment has been taken.

For  Annual plans, you'll also be billed upfront when you sign up for an Annual plan. This will then automatically recur on the same date, every year. We'll let you know that your account is up for renewal 30 days before your next billing date.

As the number of  Editors in an account would fluctuate over a year, you will purchase a set number of annual Seats, instead of basing your plan price on your current Editors.

What happens if I add Editors to my team?

You can add more  Editors to your account at any time in your billing cycle.

For  Monthly plan users, you'll be billed for that Editor on your next billing date.

For  Annual plan users, you can purchase seats in addition to your existing Annual plan. These will be charged at the monthly rate of $15 per Editor. Your monthly billing date for additional Editors will be based on your original purchase date.

Tip! Check out our Pricing, Payment and Billing article for more information on how to upgrade your plan and manage your billing.

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