Stay in the loop with Notifications

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma plan can use Email and In App notifications
✅Only users on Professional plans can use Slack notifications
❌Users on StarterStudent or Figma Organization Plans cannot use the Slack Integration

Notifications help keep you in loop with what's happening in your Figma account.

We will send you notifications when:

  • Someone invites you to a File, Project or Team
  • Someone makes you an Editor or Admin on a File, Project or Team
  • Someone adds or replies to comments on a File you're working on

You can view and adjust your notification settings across a few different channels: in Figma, Email and via Slack.

I want to view my:

In Figma Notifications

You can view your Notifications in Figma from the File Browser.

You can find the notification bell next to your name, in the top-left corner of the screen:

If you have a new notification, we display a blue dot over the bell:

From the Notification modal, you can:

  • View a list of your last 50 notifications
  • Accept or Decline invitations
  • Click on any notification to open the relevant File
  • Clear any unread notifications by clicking the Mark all as read link. This will also remove the dot from the notifications bell

Note: It's not possible to disable these type of notifications. We have designed these to be unobtrusive, so you can check these on your own terms.

Email Notifications

You can determine if you would like to receive notifications for new comments.

This will alert you via email to any comments collaborators have made on your Files.

You can enable or disable these settings at any time:

  1. Scroll down to the Notifications section.
  2. To enable, check the box next to Activity from other users to enable.
  3. To disable, uncheck the box next to Activity from other users.

You will continue to receive emails for any @mentions, even if you have disabled them.

Tip! You can also enable or disable comment notifications by File. Check out our Give Feedback with Comments article for more information.

Slack Notifications

✅Only users on Professional plans can use Slack notifications
❌Users on StarterStudent or Figma Organization Plans cannot use Slack notifications

Connect Slack to your Figma Account using our Slack integration. This allows you to receive notifications in Slack when a team member comments on a Project's File.

  • Notifications are set at a Figma Project level.
  • You can only set one channel per Project.
  • You can send notifications to Public or Private Slack channels. Or, the Slackbot channel to create your own personal notification stream.
  • You can have notifications from more than one Project feed into a single channel.
  • Notifications will include both the File name and the Team Member's name.

Learn more about connecting Slack in our Slack and Figma article.

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