Upgrading to a Professional team

Figma is great for a Team of one, but if you'd like to step it up a notch and collaborate with other designers on projects, then you can create Teams.

There are two types of Team plans available:

  • Starter Teams are free and have limited access to Editors, Projects, and Version History.
  • Professional Teams are paid and have unlimited access to Editors, Projects, Version History and other features within Figma.

Learn more about Figma's plans in our Choosing a Figma Plan article.

You can upgrade any Team to be a Professional Team. This will give you immediate access to all the functionality included in our paid plans, including: 

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Editors
  • Unlimited Version History
  • Publishing Components to your Team Library

To upgrade your Team:

  1. Choose which Team to Upgrade
  2. Review your Editors
  3. Determine your Billing Cycle
  4. Add your Billing Details
  5. Confirm and Upgrade

Note: Any Editor on the Team will be able to upgrade the Team to the Professional plan, this will also automatically make them an Admin of that Team.

1 | Choose which Team to Upgrade

  1. Click on the Team name in the left-hand panel to open the Team page.
  2. Locate the Team Settings section in the top-right corner.
  3. Click the green Upgrade Your Team button:

2 | Review your Editors

If you have more than one Editor in your Team, you will be given the option to review how many Editors you'd like to include in your plan.

  1. You'll see a list of current Editors in the bottom half of the page:
  2. Click the Downgrade to Viewer link next to any Team Members you don't want to pay for. Caution: This will immediately remove their ability to Edit any files.
  3. When you're happy with your Editors, click the Looks good. Next! button to continue:

3 | Determine your Billing Cycle

You can then choose between an Annual or Monthly Professional Plan:

If you selected the Annual plan, then you can also choose how many Seats you would like to pre-purchase for the year ahead.

  1. Click the Add more seats link to add additional seats to your account. Every Editor on your Team will require one Seat.
  2. Enter the total number of seats required, in the field provided:

4 | Add your Payment Details

Lastly, you can add your payment details to complete the upgrade process. All major credit cards are accepted.

  1. Enter your payment details in the fields provided, you'll need to provide:
    • Your 16 digit Credit Card Number, Expiry Date and CSV.
    • Your Postal Address (this should match the address that your credit card is registered under). 
  2. Click Next to Review to proceed.

5 | Confirm and Upgrade

  1. You'll be shown a final summary of your plan details and price, which you will need to confirm:
  2. Read over Figma's Terms of Service.
  3. Click Accept Terms and Upgrade. Your card will be charged and your account updated immediately.

Adding More Editors to your Plan

You can add more Editors to your account at any time. When you add a new Editor to a Team that is billed Monthly, that Editor will be included in your next monthly bill.

If you add or upgrade Viewers to Editors during the billing cycle of an Annual plan, you will be charged for those Editors monthly, at the full monthly rate.

If you have an Annual Plan and want to purchase more seats, or convert a Monthly seat to an Annual seat, please contact Figma Support for more information.

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