Slack and Figma

Figma no longer supports sign up via Slack OAuth. However, you can still use the Slack integration to send Comments on Files to a designated Slack channel.

The Slack integration is not currently supported in Figma Organization. 

To ensure you stay in the loop with any Comments on your Team Projects, you can enable the Slack Integration.

This will send a notification to your designated Slack channel any time a team member comments on one of your Project's Files.

  • Notifications are set at a Figma Project level. You can send notifications to Public or Private Slack channels, or to the Slackbot Slack Channel to create your own personal notification stream.
  • You can only set one channel per Project, but you can have notifications from multiple Projects feed into a single channel.
  • The Notification will include the Team Member's name and the File name.



In this article, we'll show you how to:

  1. Enable Slack Notifications.
  2. Change the Channel Notifications are sent to.
  3. Turn Off Notifications.
  4. Remove Figma from Slack.

Note: You will need to be a member of a Professional Team to be able to use the Slack integration. Learn more about Figma's plans in our Choosing a Figma Plan article.

Enable Slack Notifications

Notifications are set at a Project level. You can enable Slack Notifications from the Project page inside the Team.

  1. Click on the Project name, under the Team name in the left-hand panel:
  2. In the top-right corner, click on the two opposing arrows to Manage Slack Notifications:
  3. Click the Choose a Channel button in the pop-up modal:
  4. Select which channel you'd like the notifications to Post to. This can be a Public or Private channel:

    Tip! To create your own private notification stream select @slackbot from the options.

  5. Click Authorize to confirm:

Change the Slack Channel

You can change the Slack Channel that a Project's Notifications are sent to, from the same menu.

  1. Click on the Project in the left-hand panel.
  2. Click on the Manage Slack Notifications menu in the top-right corner: 
  3. You'll see which Channel Notifications are currently sending to in the pop-up modal. Click the Change Channel link to change this to another channel: 
  4. Select which channel you'd like to change it to using the Post to drop down field:
  5. Click Authorize to confirm.

Turn Off Notifications

You can also turn off Slack Notifications for each Project.

  1. Click on the Project in the left-hand panel.
  2. Click on the Manage Slack Notifications menu in the top-right corner: 
  3. Click the Turn off Notifications link:
  4. Comment Notifications will no longer be sent to Slack for that project.

Note: If you have enabled Slack Notifications on multiple projects, then you will need to repeat this process for each Project. To remove the integration entirely, you will also need to Remove Figma from Slack (see below).

Remove Figma from Slack

If you'd like to completely remove the integration between Figma and Slack, you can disconnect Figma at Slack's end. This will apply to all Figma users on your Slack account, so tread carefully!

Slack have detailed instructions on how to remove apps from your Slack account, here:

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