Upload Fonts to an Organization

Who can use this feature?

  • Only Organization Admins can upload fonts to the Organization.
  • Users on the Figma Organization plan.
  • We support .TTF and .OTF fonts. Webfonts are not supported.
  • You should only upload Fonts that they own or have a license to use in Figma. Find out more in Figma’s Terms of Service.

Figma Organization Accounts can upload and share custom fonts within the Organization. You can add a Font to a specific Team, or make it available to the entire Organization. 

This feature removes the need to share, install and update fonts for individual users, and allows Chromebook and Linux users to utilize custom fonts that previously weren’t available to them.

In this article, we'll cover how to Upload Fonts to an Organization article. Want to upload a font for a specific Team? Check out our Upload Fonts to a Team in an Organization article. 

Upload Fonts to an Organization

Any Fonts you upload to the Organization will be available to everyone. Members of any Team in the Organization will be able to access and use these fonts.

Fonts can only be uploaded to the Organization by an Organization Admin.

  1. Click on the Organization name in the top-left corner.
  2. Click the cog to open the Admin Console:
  3. Go to the Shared Fonts tab:
  4. Click the + icon in the top-right corner, or the Upload Fonts button:
  5. A window will pop up that allows you to select the font file from your computer. You can select as many font files as you want. Click Open to select the fonts.
  6. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you have the necessary rights and licenses to use the font(s). You should only upload Fonts that they own or have license to use in Figma. Find out more in Figma’s Terms of ServiceCheck the box provided to confirm: 
  7. Click Upload to start the upload process.
  8. The font will now be available in any Organization Files via the Font Picker.

Note: If you already have fonts uploaded with that font family name, you’ll be given the option to Skip (to leave the font out of the upload) or Replace the existing font.

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