Figma Organization

Figma Organization has everything you need to scale your design with confidence; connect Files, Projects, Libraries, Fonts and Teams securely across your company. 

Your Organization's billing will be based on the total number of Editors in your Organization. All other features mentioned below are included at no additional cost. 

For more information around what features are included in Figma Organization, visit the Pricing page on the Figma website. 

Get Started

πŸ” Privacy and Security Features
πŸ€” Permissions in an Organization
‴️ Moving from a Professional Team to an Organization
πŸ”‘ Authenticate Members via SAML SSO

Get Familiar

🌍 Personal Space vs Org Space
πŸ†• Join an Organization
πŸ†— Log in to your Organization
πŸ“Έ Change an Organization Logo
πŸ“₯ Import Libraries from Sketch
πŸ”  Upload Shared Fonts
🀷 Team vs Organization Libraries
πŸ“š Publish Libraries to an Organization
πŸ“• Choose Default Libraries
πŸ—Ί Discover and Join Teams

Manage your Organization

βš™οΈ Manage Members in an Organization
🚫 Restrict a Member’s Access
✍️ Manage Permissions at a Team Level
πŸ”— Adjust Link Sharing on a File
πŸ”Œ Manage Plugins in an Organization
πŸ“– View and Export Activity Logs
πŸ“š Remove Libraries from an Organization
πŸšͺ Remove Members from Organization
πŸ’Έ Manage Quarterly True-Ups
πŸ“Š Design System Analytics

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