Organization Administration

Administrators of an Organization will have access to the Organization’s Admin Console, which allows you to view and administrate all aspects of the Organization.

  1. Click on the Organization’s name in the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Settings Cog to open the Admin Console:
  3. The Admin Console will appear over your current screen as a modal:  

Tip! You can also access the Admin Console by clicking the View all teams link in the bottom-left corner of the Figma app, while you are in the File Browser.

Navigating the Admin Console

The Admin Console is divided into five sections; you can access each section by clicking the corresponding tab along the top of the console.


The General tab allows you to view some basic information about the Organization, access to the Organization's Activity Logs, and your Sign in and Provisioning settings.

Activity logs provide a record of how users in your Organization are using and interacting with files and shared resources.

Your Sign in and Provisioning settings allow you to control how members of your Organization are able to login. This is where you can enable Google SSO and SAML SSO via Okta or Azure Active Directory.


The Teams tab gives Admins access to a list of all visible Teams within the Organization. 

From this tab an Admin can join or request to join any visible Teams and/or leave any Teams that are already a part of. 

Organization Admins do not have omnipotent access to Teams. They will need to be an Admin on a specific team to be able to administrate it.


The Members tab will display a list of all Members that have been added to the Organization. 

From here, Admins can update a Member’s Role and Account Type, as well as remove them from the Organization. 

Members are added to the Organization automatically via domain capture and can be pre-provisioned via SCIM (Okta only).


In the Libraries tab, you can find a list of all the Libraries shared within the Organization.

Organizations are different from Professional account as they support shared libraries at both a Team Level and an Organization level. 

An Organization Admin will be able to view any Organization-wide Libraries here, as well as determine which libraries will appear by default in the Components panel.

Shared Fonts

Organizations also have access to a  Shared Fonts tab. This allows any custom, bespoke or company-specific fonts to be uploaded and shared within the Organization. 

These can be shared within a specific team (by uploading them to the Team's page), or within the entire Organization. 

Organization Admins can view, upload and manage any fonts shared across the entire Organization, from the Shared Fonts tab.


In the Billing tab, Organization admins can manage the Organization's subscription. 

This includes details of the billing period, Annual Subscription and any Quarterly Adjustments.

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