Manage your Organization

Who can use this feature?

  • Users on the Figma Organization plan.
  • Only Organization Admins can administer an Organization.

Figma Organization gives you greater control over how your company uses Figma.

The Admin Console allows you to view and manage your Organization.

You can access the  Admin Console from your File Browser.

  1. Click on the Organization’s name in the top-left corner of Figma.
  2. Click the Settings Cog next to the Organization name to open the Admin Console.
  3. The Admin Console will appear over the File Browser.

Tip! You can also access the Admin Console by clicking the View all teams link in the bottom-left corner of the Figma app, while you are in the File Browser.

The Admin Console consists of seven tabs:

  1. General
  2. Teams
  3. Members*
  4. Libraries*
  5. Shared Fonts*
  6. Billing*
  7. Plugins*

Note: All Organization Members will have access to the Admin Console. Some tabs or specific settings* will only be available to Organization Admins.


The  General tab allows you to view some information related to the Organization.

  1. Change the Company Logo

    You can change the logo that represents your Organization. This will update the logo for all Organization Members.

  2. Organization Name
  3. Total Members
  4. Total Teams
  5. Domain Capture
  6. Access Activity Logs

    Activity logs provide a record of how users in your Organization are using and interacting with files and shared resources.

  7. Update Log in Settings (SAML SSO)

    This setting allows you to control how members of your Organization log in. You can enable Google SSO and SAML SSO via Okta, OneLogin or Azure Active Directory.

Change your Company Logo

  1. Hover over the existing logo click the pencil icon.
  2. Select a new logo from your computer.
  3. We will update your Organization's logo.


The  Teams tab gives Organization Members access to a list of all visible Teams within the Organization.

From this tab Members can:

  1. View All Teams in the Organization
  2. View the number of Projects and Members in each Team
  3. View the Org Access for each Team
  4. Request to Join a Closed Team
  5. Join an Open Team
  6. Leave a Team
  7. Join an Empty Team to Delete it (Organization Admins only)

Caution: Organization Admins do not have access to Teams. You will need to be an Admin on a specific team to administer it.


The  Members tab will display a list of all Members that have been added to the Organization.

From here, Organization Admins can:

  1. Search for specific Organization Members
  2. View a List of Organization Members and Guests
  3. See the time of a Member's Last Edit
  4. See the time when a Member was Last Active

    This is the last time they performed an action in Figma e.g. moving or renaming a File, publishing a library etc. This is not their last login date.

  5. View the Date upgraded for any Full Members*
  6. View or update* a Member's Role
  7. Filter Members by their Account Type
  8. View Activity Logs for the entire Organization*
  9. Request a List of Organization Members*
  10. View Activity Logs for specific Members*
  11. Copy a Member's Email Address*
  12. Grant a Member Admin Access
  13. Remove a Member from the Organization*

Learn more about managing Members in our Member Management articles >


Organizations are different from  Professional accounts as you can share libraries across multiple Teams.

Organization Admins can:

  1. Search for Libraries in the Organization
  2. Discover Libraries Shared within the Organization
  3. View Styles and Components within each Library
  4. Choose which Team Libraries to Enable by default

Shared Fonts

Organizations can  upload and share custom, bespoke or company-specific fonts. You can upload fonts to a specific Team, or make them available to the entire Organization.

Organization Admins can:

  1. Search for an Uploaded Font
  2. View Shared Fonts uploaded Organization
  3. Upload a Font to the Organization
  4. Delete Fonts from the Organization

Note: Fonts can only be uploaded to a Team by an Admin of that Team. Organization Admins will only be able to add Fonts if they are a Team Admin. 

Learn more in our Upload a Font to a Team in an Organization.


Organizations are billed - per license - on an Annual Subscription. Only  Editors will be included in your billing.

You can purchase licenses when you first sign up for Figma Organization. If you add more Editors during the year, you can purchase more licenses via your Quarterly True-up.

Organization Admins can:

  1. View New Editors and Total Due of the Current Quarterly True-up
  2. View or Update the Billing Contact
  3. View your Plan Details
  4. View the details of the Current Quarterly True-up
  5. View the details of past **Quarterly True-up**s
  6. View the details of the original Annual Subscription
  7. View Past, Paid and Current Invoices


Plugins are third-party scripts or applications that extend the functionality of another application.

In Figma, plugins allow you to perform tasks within a File. Plugins can view and interpret layers and objects, manipulate them, or create new ones.

In an Organization, Admins can control which Plugins members can install.

In the Plugins tab, Admins can:

  1. Enable or Disable Plugin Whitelist

    This allows Organization Admins to control which public plugins can be installed in the Organization.

  2. Add a Plugin to the Whitelist
  3. Remove a Plugin from the Whitelist

Learn more about using Plugins in an Organization in our Managing Plugins in an Organization article.

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