View Activity Logs in an Organization

Activity logs provide a record of how users in your Organization are using and interacting with files and shared resources. 

This allows you to:

  • View who is accessing, copying and sharing Files.
  • Track changes made to Teams.
  • Track changes made to Team, Project and File Permissions.
  • View actions taken by specific Members.
  • Monitor changes made by Organization Admins.
  • Identify and prevent misuse of Organization Resources.

I want to:

View and Access Activity Logs

Admins are able to access Activity Logs from the Admin Console

  1. Open the Admin Console by clicking on the Organization name in the top-left corner and clicking on the settings cog.
  2. In the General tab, click the View Activity logs link:
  3. The Activity Logs page will load. By default, you can see all activity for the Last Month.
  4. At the top of the page you can filter the Activity Log by a number of different variables:

    • Member: using the Member’s email address.
    • Date: you can enter a specific date range to search within.
    • Event Type: use the dropdown provided to select a specific event.
    • Team: by selecting the Team from the field provided.
  5. Once any relevant filters are applied, click the Filter button to view the results.

View a Member's Activity

You can also view the Activity Log for a specific Member.

  1. Open the Admin Console and go to the Members tab. 
  2. Click the View Activity link next to the Member’s name: 
  3. This will open the Activity Log, with that Member’s email address already populated.

What Events do we Track?

We will record the following information, for every event that is added to the Activity Log.

  • Date and Time the event occurred(in UTC).
  • IP address of the related user.
  • User's Actor ID e.g. "John Appleseed" or ”Figma Support”


  • Any Admin or Member explicitly Signs in or Signs out of their Figma account. Note: This won't record when they close the browser or exit Figma without signing out. Guest logins are not recorded.
  • A new file is created
  • A file is viewed
  • If you view a publicly accessible file
  • A user deletes an existing file
  • A file is moved between teams or projects
  • A user views a Prototype
  • A user exports content from a file
  • A user duplicates a file
  • A user's File permissions are changed
  • A user's Project permissions are changed
  • You make a file publicly accessible
  • A user joins a team
  • A user leaves a team
  • A new team is created
  • A team is deleted

We will also record the following  Account Admin events:

  • Any changes to the group's membership. Including the Organization's DomainName and/or Icon.
  • Any time the Organization's login restrictions are updated, i.e. when enforced SAML/SSO is enabled.
  • When a folder's sharing permissions have been updated.
  • When a User is removed from the Organization.
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