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Important Information

This feature is currently in Beta and is subject to change. Screenshots and parts of this article may be incomplete, or out of date. If you have any questions about the content you see here, please contact Figma Support via the help menu in your Figma account, or at support@figma.com


Like our Professional plans, you can share design resources within your Teams to allow for easier and more accessible collaboration. This includes all of your Team Styles, and Component Libraries, as well as any Shared Fonts.

An Organization takes this a step further and allow you to share any of those resources with the entire Organization. This allows you to manage resources within specific teams, as well as any Organization-wide resources.

Team Library

The Team Library houses all of the shared resources within a given Team. This is usually a File, or series of Files, that contains all of a Team’s Master Components and Styles. 

Components are UI elements that can be easily reused across your designs, like a button, navigation menu, gallery, or specific arrangement. To reuse a Component you can create an Instance, this stays linked to the Master Component and  allows any changes made to be populated across any Instances. Learn more about Components.

Styles are sets of properties that can also be reused across your designs. These could be color themes, font treatments for heading or paragraph text, effects that you’d like to apply to specific elements, or even Layout Grids. Learn more about Styles.

Team Libraries can be accessed by any Team Member from within a File, by clicking Team Library button in the top-right corner of the screen:

From here you can view, enable and disable any shared Libraries, as well as view any Updates to Styles and Components.

A Team Library can also be managed directly from the Team page. View a Team’s page by clicking on the Team name in the left-hand Panel.

In the Team Settings section, click the Enable Libraries link to view any Libraries shared within that Team: 

An Admin can then choose to Enable each Library to make them available to that Team, or Disable them to remove a Team’s access to that Library. 

Organization Library

The Organization Library allows Members within the Organization to subscribe to a Library, even if they are not part of that specific Team. This reduces friction and prevents unnecessary access, while encouraging consistency, collaboration and efficiency across the Organization.

Any Organization Member will be able to select which resources they would like to share with the rest of the Organization, this includes both Team Libraries and Styles. 

Once a Member has published Styles or Components to the Organization, other Members will be able to access those Styles and Components via the Team Library modal. To make any Components available in the Components Panel, the Member can enable the Library in the Team Library modal.

An Organization Admin can also make a Team Library available to all Members in the Components Panel, by default.

Note: By default, any Guests of the Organization won't be able to see or access Team Libraries shared at a Team or Organization level. They will only be able to view and use these Team Libraries if they are explicitly given access to them.

Publish a Team Library to the Organization

Any Organization Member can share Team Libraries or Styles with the rest of the Organization. This can be done when publishing Styles or Components to a Team Library.

  1. Click the Team Library icon in the top-right corner of your screen:
  2. In the Team Library modal, click Publish next to the current file:
  3. You'll be prompted to enter a summary of your changes.
  4. At the bottom of the modal, check the box next to Allow any member of Organization to access the file
  5. Click Publish to confirm: 

This will Publish the Team Library so that it is available to every Member of the Organization. This will also update the file's link access to " Everyone at Organization". 

By default this will set the Organization access to Can view, but you can update this via the Share modal when viewing the File: 

An Organization Admin can also choose to make this Library available to Organization Members.

  1. Open the Admin Panel via the View All Teams button, or the Settings cog.
  2. Go to the Libraries tab.
  3. Click on the slider next to the Library to enable this Library in the Components Panel.
  4. If this hasn't already been shared by a Member (as above), the Admin will be prompted to update to Change Privacy and enable. This will allow the file to be accessed by any Members within the Organization.
  5. Members will then be able to view and use any Components when in a file, via the Components Panel.

Remove access to a Library

If you no longer want to share a Team Library with the rest of the Organization, then you can Unpublish the Library and Remove Link Access. You will need to do both of these actions to prevent any Members outside of the Team from access that Library.

  1. Click on the Team Library icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on the Library to view it in the Team Library modal: 
  3. Click the Unpublish button at the bottom of the modal: 
  4. You'll be prompted to confirm if you would like to remove the Library. Click the Remove file from Library button to confirm:
  5. You'll be returned to the file and a status bar will indicate the file has been successfully removed from the Library.
  6. Click the Share button in the menu bar.
  7. Click the down arrow next to the "Anyone at Organization" link access and select Remove link access from the options: 
  8. Public Link Access will now show as disabled. However, you can see above that, that the file is still available to all Members of that specific Team: 

Designing at Scale

At Figma we call these Libraries, but you could also view these as Design Systems - collections of Components, Elements and Styles that are the building blocks of your Organization's designs. 

By taking these Libraries or Design Systems outside of individual Teams you improve access and adoption of your design system, while gaining more control over who can view, use and make changes to your Organization’s design system.

At Figma, we’re passionate about Design Systems and recognise the opportunity they have to really empower Organizations to design at scale. Learn more about designing at scale with Figma:

Shared Fonts

Figma Organizations can also upload and share custom fonts within the Organization. Once a Font is uploaded to Figma, it will be available to Members across the Organization. Customers should only upload Fonts that they own or have license to use in Figma. Find out more in Figma’s Terms of Service.

This feature removes the need to share, install and update fonts for individual users, and allows Chromebook and Linux users to utilize custom fonts that previously weren’t available to them.

You can add a Font to a specific Team, or make it available to the entire Organization. 

Learn more about using Shared Fonts in our article: Shared Fonts.

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