Privacy and Security in an Organization

Figma Organization offers advanced privacy and security settings that give you even greater control over the information and resources shared within your Organization.

Key Features and Functions

  • Designated Roles:
    Determine how Members can view, edit and access information and resources. Give collaborators limited access to Teams and Resources in the Organization with Guest Access. Find out more.
  • Public Link Sharing:
    Control how you want a file to be discoverable or accessible within your Organization; choose between Public sharing, Organization-wide sharing, or share within a specific team only. Disable Public Link Sharing to prevent anyone from outside of your Organization inadvertently viewing your files, without being explicitly invited to them. Find out more.
  • Draft Ownership:
    When Members are removed from your Organization, any Files that were in that Member’s drafts will be moved to a Shared Folder in the Organization.

    These files can then be moved or assigned to another Team by an Organization Admin. Find out more.
  • Domain Registration and Email Verification:
    Define which domains are registered to your Organization. Email verification requires members validate their email address after sign up.

    Domain capture automatically add any existing Figma members with a verified email address to your Organization as a Member

    Anyone who signs up for the service using their company email, and verifies their email address, will be automatically added to your Organization. Anyone who signs up for the service with an address not registered to the domain will be added as a Guest of the Organization.
  • SAML SSO and SCIM Provisioning
    Security Assertion Markup Language(SAML) is a web security standard for logging users into applications. SAML SSO allows users to access multiple applications or websites, via one single authentication source.

    Organization Admins can choose to enable and enforce SAML SSO for all current and future Organization members. This verifies a user's email address and qualifies it for domain capture. Figma Organization offers SAML SSO via Google SSO, Okta and Azure Active Directory.

    If you are using G Suite to manage your company email, then you can enable Google SSO in your Figma Organization. Learn more in our Require Google SSO article.

    Organizations using Okta can also choose to pre-provision their membership list via SCIM. SCIM provisioning is currently not available for Organizations using SSO via Azure Active Directory or Google. Learn more about setting up SAML SSO in our Getting Started with SAML SSO article.
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