Files are not opening

If you have had Figma open in a browser tab for a long time, try force-quitting and logging back into Figma in a fresh browser. 

If you have had the desktop app open for a while, force-quit and restart. 

If you are able to access the File Browser, but you can't open any of your files, let's check the Console tab in the Developer Tools for errors. Here's how you do that: 

If you're using the Mac or Windows desktop app:

  1. Click Help at the top of your screen
  2. Select Toggle Developer Tools
  3. Choose Console in the Developer Tools window

You can also use the Command + Option + I  (macOS) or Cntrl + Shift + I(Windows/Linux) keyboard shortcut to open the Developer Tools.  These shortcuts work in the Figma desktop or web app.

If you see errors, please copy them and email them to

If you don't see any errors, email us a link to the Figma file in question. Be sure you have enabled view permissions so we can view the file. 

Follow these steps to enable view permissions:

  1. Go to your File Browser
  2. Select the 3 dot menu icon on the file thumbnail
  3. Choose Share
  4. Click to Enable public access, then
  5. Copy shareable link to this file
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