[Organization] Member Management

Every Member within an Organization will have a Role and an Account Type associated with their account. This controls what they are able to access and how they are able to interact with any Teams, Projects, Files, Libraries or Fonts.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Roles within the Organization
  2. Account Types
  3. Managing Members

Roles within the Organization

Once a Member is added to a Team, you can control what level of access they have to the Organization, and the Projects, Files and Resources shared within it.

There are two main levels of access, or Roles, within an Organization:


Members are any users that have been added to an Organization. They have an email the matches the company or Organization's domain (e.g. staffmember@organization.com). 

Members are able to:

  • View and comment on any files and projects within the Teams they are a specific member of.
  • View a list of all (Open and Closed) teams within the Organization.
  • Access any resources (Files, Styles, Components and Shared Fonts) that have been made available within the Organization.


Guests are users that have been given access to specific Resources within an Organization. These could be external contractors, collaborators, or other company employees that don't require access to the entire Organization. 

Anyone added to the Organization, with an email address that doesn't match the registered domain(s), will be automatically added as a Guest.

Guests can only access any Teams, Projects or Files that they have been explicitly invited to.

  • A guest will need to be added to a Team to be able to view its Projects and Files.
  • Guest won't be able to access resources visible to other Organization members.

    This includes a list of  Open and Closed Teams, published Team and Organization-wide Libraries, Shared Fonts, and any files shared within the Organization via link sharing.
  • Guests won’t be able to use Components that are located within files they don’t have access to.

    Note: To allow guest to use Components from a Shared Library, you will need to explicitly give them access to the Component Library’s original file.

Organization Admins

There is also a third role within an Organization of an Administrator. Admins are a subset of Member that have additional administrative rights within the Organization. Admins are able to:

  • View and update detailed information around Billing, Teams, Members, Libraries and Shared Fonts.
  • Control Roles and Account Types for all users within an Organization.
  • Define which Shared Resources (Styles, Libraries and Shared Fonts) are available to the Organization, by default.
  • View and filter Activity Logs.

Note: Organization Admins won’t automatically have omnipotent access to every Team in the Organization. They would still need to be added to a Team directly to be able to access any Projects, Files and Shared Resources within it.

Account Types

As well as having a Role, every member will also have an Account Type.

The Account Type determines whether or not that member's membership will be included in your billing, as well as whether they have Edit or View only access.

There are three Account Types:

1 | Starter

When you first add a new   Member to your account, they will be given Starter permissions by default; Organizations will not be charged for Starter members. 

A  Starter member will be able to view any Projects, Files, or Shared Resources within the Organization, as well as comment on any files, without being upgraded.

A member will automatically be upgraded from a  Starter to a Full member if they are given Edit access to a File; or if they share a File from their Drafts with the rest of the Organization.

If you no longer want this member to have  Full access, then you can downgrade their account to Restricted (see below).

2 | Full

Full members are any Members that have Can Edit permission to at least one file or resource within the Organization*. 

This allows them to view, edit and collaborate with other members on Projects. They are also able to readily share files from their drafts with other members in the Organization.

*This doesn't include Members who have  Can Edit access to their own Drafts.

Organizations are only charged for Full members. Learn more about managing your Organization's billing in our Billing article.

3 | Restricted

Restricted members are limited in the way they can interact with any files or resources within the Organization. 

They are allowed to view and comment on any files, but they won't be able to make any edits to shared Files or Projects, or share Files from their Drafts with the rest of the Organization.

They have either been set as a Restricted member when they were first added to the Organization, or have been explicitly downgraded from a Full or Starter account by an admin.

A Member can request an upgrade from their Account Settings by clicking the  Request Upgrade link next to their current  Account Type

This will send a notification to all Organization Admins, who can then approve the Member's request.

Managing Members

Organization Admins will be able to manage a Member’s  Role and Account Type from the Members tab in the Admin Console.

In this section, we will cover:

  1. Upgrading Members
  2. Restricting Members
  3. Removing Members
  4. Adding Members

Upgrading Members

When you first add a new  Member to your account, they will be given Starter permissions by default. This allows them View and Comment on any files or resources, without being upgraded.

A Starter will be automatically upgraded to a Full Member if:

  • They share a Draft from their personal files.
  • They are given Can Edit access to at least one project, file or resource within the Organization (outside of their own drafts).

The Member will be upgraded to a Full member as soon as their permissions on that file have been updated. Their access permissions on any other files or resources within the Organization won't be affected.

A Member can also request an upgrade from their Account Settings by clicking the  Request Upgrade link next to their current  Account Type. They can also request an update when they receive a restricted access warning. This will send a notification to all Organization Admins, who can then approve the Member's request.

Note: Once a member is upgraded to Full access they will be included in your billing. There will be no immediate notification of the additional charge when a member is upgraded to Full.

Restricting Members

Admins will also be able to set either a  Starter or Full member to Restricted access. Restricted members will not be included in an Organization's billing. 

Restricted Members will still be able to view and comment on any shared resources, but they will no longer be able to edit any files, or share any drafts they have created.

  1. In the Admin Consolne, go to the Members tab and find the member in the list.
  2. Update their Account Type to Restricted: 

The Member themselves won’t be immediately notified that they have been made restricted. When they next try to share or edit a file, they will see an Access Restricted message.

Note: Restricted member can request an upgrade to Full access. This can be done from anywhere where they receive a message regarding their restricted access: This will send a request to all Admins of the Organization, which will need to be approved:

Once approved, that Member will be upgraded to  Full access and they will be included in the Organization's billing.

Removing Members

When a Team member leaves an Organization, you can simply remove them in Figma, which will immediately remove their access to the Organization.

Note: Any Drafts that belonged to that user will automatically be moved to the Shared Projects folder within the Organization. Organization Admins will be able to access those Files from the Shared Projects folder. They can then move or share those Files with any relevant Teams or Projects.

To remove  Members, Admins or Guests:

  1. Go to the Members tab in the Admin Console.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the user's Role.
  3. Select Remove from <Organization> from the options: 
  4. A confirmation message will be shown on screen to indicate they have been removed from the Organization.

Adding Members

Members can be added to the Organization via the Invite Members link on the Team's page. Anyone can invite a Member to the Team. 

The Member who sent the invitation's access will determine the new members access level i.e. if a Team Member is invited by a Viewer they will be given " Can View" access by default; if they are invited by an Editor they can be given "Can Edit" access.

By default, any Members that join a Team themselves will be added to the Team with only   Can View access. They will need to be upgraded to Can Edit access by another Editor or Admin on that team. Once the Member or Admin has been given Can Edit access to a team, they will be considered a Full Member and the Organization will be billed accordingly.

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