Billing for Organizations

Organizations are billed, per license, on an Annual Subscription. 

Every Member of your Organization will have an Account Type, which determines whether or not they require a license. Only Full Members of an Organization will require a license and will be included in your billing. Learn more about Account Types in our Administration and Access article.

Licenses are issued upon migration to an Organization, but additional Full members can be added at any time throughout the billing cycle.  Any additional licenses are then paid for via Quarterly True-ups.

In this article, we will cover:

Viewing the Billing Summary

You can view your Billing Summary, which details your Annual Subscription and any Quarterly True-ups, from the Admin Console.

  1. Click on the Organization's name in the top-left corner.
  2. Click on the Settings cog to open the Admin Console: 

  3. Go to the Billing tab:
  4. This will show you a summary of the current billing period.

Your Annual Subscription

At the top of the Billing Summary you will see the details of your Annual Subscription

This includes the dates of your billing period, the original number of licenses purchased, the associated charges, and the date paid.

Note: Licenses aren't linked to a specific member. This allows you to add and remove members throughout the billing cycle, without having to reassign licenses between members. 

Quarterly True-ups

At the end of each quarter, you will be charged for any new licenses added to your Annual Subscription. We refer to these as Quarterly True-ups. 

Quarterly True-ups will be listed underneath the Annual Subscription in the Billing Summary. 

Each Quarterly True-up will show the total number of Full Members in the Organization, the number of Paid licenses already purchased, and any New licenses required.

You will then be required to pay for or purchase any New licenses. You will only be charged for the additional licenses once, at the end of the Quarter. The charges will be prorated and cover only the remaining quarters in your annual billing period.

You can view the total balance owing for that Quarterly True-up in the Charges column:

  • Click the View Invoice link to view a detailed invoice of the proposed charges.
  • Hover over the (i) icon to view a summary of the charges. This will include the total cost, number of licenses included and the billing period.

You can also view the Status of the payment in the far-right column. 

  • During the current quarter you will see the date that the Quarterly True-up will be finalized on. Once finalized, the Due date will be shown. If the payment is Overdue or has been successfully Paid, the status will be displayed accordingly.

Note: You can remove or downgrade any Full members that you don't want to include in your billing, before paying for any additional licenses.  Click Manage Members link in the Full Members column to get started.[Image: Hover over Manage Members link]

Learn more about removing or restricting Members in our Managing Organization Members article.


  • The Admin Console is where you can view and manage aspects of your Organization. This can be accessed by clicking the Organization name in the top-left corner and clicking the settings cog; or via the View all teams icon in the bottom-left corner.
  • Every Organization will purchase an Annual Subscription, which is paid upfront and automatically renews on the same date every year. This is charged on a per license basis and covers your use of every feature and function offered by Figma Organization.
  • Full members are any Members of your Organization that have Can Edit access to at least one File or Resource within your Organization, or have shared a file from their Drafts. This does not include Members with Can Edit access to Files in their own Drafts. Only Full members will be included in the Organization’s billing.
  • The number of Licenses you have correspond to the number of Full members you have in Organization. These are purchased as part of your Annual Subscription, but additional licenses can be added throughout your billing cycle.
  • To account for any new licenses added to your account during the year, we have Quarterly True-ups. These are billed and charged at the end of every quarter.
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