The Canvas in Figma is the backdrop on which all of your Frames, Groups, and other Layers live. It has a finite size of -65,000 through +65,000 on each axis.

By default, vectors are rendered as resolution-independent paths in the canvas though you can turn on Pixel Preview at 1x and 2x resolutions to enable pixel-precise editing for raster assets.

The default background color of the Canvas will be #E5E5E5, but you can change the background color in the Properties Panel by de-selecting any Layers and clicking the color picker labeled “Background.”

If you like having Rulers visible on your canvas, you can use the Shift + R shortcut to enable them. You can also use the search feature under the menu icon to search for rulers. 

Learn more about the Canvas and other features by grabbing your copy of the Welcome File shown above by clicking here.

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