What's New in Figma

Figma is evolving to make it easier to open up your design process.

Your updated Figma File Browser - designed around the people in your Team -makes it easier for anyone to connect with collaborators, navigate Teams, and customize Files and Projects.

We're also introducing Figma Community Profiles - currently in beta - public spaces where you can share Files and Plugins with the world.

🔍 Updated File Browser

🏠 Account

Access everything relating to your account and profile in one place.

  • Click on your Name and Avatar in the top-left corner of the File Browser.
  • Switch between the Organization, Public and Settings in the Toolbar.

🏢 Organizations

✨ Figma Community

We’re building new spaces for designers to connect with teammates and the entire community. We now have public profiles where you can view Files and Plugins created by the Figma Community.

Note: Publishing Files to your Profile is currently in beta. Only members of the Figma Community beta will be able to publish Files to their Profile.

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