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Styles and Components live in the Files they are originally created in. To reuse Styles and Components across your Files and Projects, you can publish them to your Team Library.

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What is Team Library

Components are UI elements that can be reused across your designs. They help you to create and manage consistent brands or themes across projects.

Styles are sets of properties that can be applied to objects across your Team's designs. You can use Styles to define attributes for Color, Text, Stroke, Background Color, Effects and Layout Grids.

You can use the Team Library to access these resources across your Team Files and Projects. This allows you to maintain a consistent brand and style, at scale.

How does it work?

  1. You create the Styles and Master Components that define your brand.
  2. You publish these Styles and  Master Components to the Team Library. 
  3. This allows everyone in your Team to view and use them across their Files. Components can be access via the Assets panel, Styles from the Properties Panel.
  4. You can continue to develop, Iterate and refine your Styles and Master Components, publishing your changes to the Team Library. We keep a record of your changes in a detailed Version History.
  5. Designers and collaborators can quickly update any affected Styles and Components. This ensures they're always up to date and using the latest version.

Help Articles

  1. Publishing Components and Styles to Team Library
  2. Accepting Updates from your Team Library
  3. Enabling and Disabling Team Libraries
  4. Removing Files and Components from Team Library

Video Tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Team Libraries in a Starter Team?
  2. Where can I find the Team Library Icon?
  3. How do I enable Team Libraries on an individual File?
  4. How do I remove a File from my team Library?
  5. Some of my Components are missing or out of date!
  6. Can I move Styles and Master Components to other Files?

Can I use Team Libraries in a Starter Team?

You can publish and use Styles when in a Starter Team.

You can also publish Components to a Team Library. You will not be able to use Components in other Files until you upgrade to a Professional Team.

Where can I find the Team Library icon?

You can now find the Team Library icon in the Assets Panel of the Left Sidebar. Click the open book icon to open the Library panel: 

Or, open the Library modal using the Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • MacOS: [Option] + [3]
  • Windows: [Ctrl] + [3]

How do I enable Team Libraries for a specific File?

You can enable Team Libraries for everyone in that File from the Library modal.

You can access the Library modal by clicking the Team Library icon in the Assets Panel. Find out more in: Enabling and Disabling Libraries

How do I remove a File from my Team Library?

Disabling a Library will only remove those Components from the Assets Panel. You will also need to leave the File where the Master Components live.

Find out more in: Removing Files and Component from your Team Library.

Some of my Components or Files are missing, or out of date

If you have created or updated Components - without publishing any changes - your Team Library may be out of date.

You can find unpublished Components in the "Private to this File" section of the Assets Panel: 

Find out more in the Publishing Missing Components to your Team Library section.

Can I Copy or Move Styles and Master Components to other Files?

It's not possible to move Master Components to a new File. Moving Components breaks the connection between the Master Component and any existing Instances.

Copying a Component from one File to another will create an Instance of that Component. To make this a Master Component, you would need to turn that Instance into a Component. This would be separate to the original Master Component.

You can move Styles between Files without breaking the connection.

To move a Style from its original location, to your current File:

  1. Click on the Style in the Properties Panel:
  2. This will open the Styles panel. Click the Edit icon to view the Style in more detail:
  3. Select Move Master Style into this File from the options:
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