Creating Bulleted Lists

Creating bulleted lists within a single Text layer isn't currently supported. However, you can follow these steps to replicate a bulleted list in Figma.

  1. Select the Text tool in the toolbar. Or use the T keyboard shortcut. 

  2. Click on a spot in the canvas to create a new Text layer. This will be the Text layer for our bullet. You can also click and drag to create a Text layer with a Fixed size: 
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut to add a single bullet in the Text layer:
    •  macOS [Option] + [8] 
    • Windows: [Alt] + 0149 
  4. Create a second text object next to the bullet. This is where we'll add the text for the first item on our list:

    Note: If you are using different a font or font size is used between the bullet and the text, make sure the line height is set to an equivalent value.

  5. Select both Text Layers and copy them. You can use the following methods:
    1. Duplicate: ⌘ + D (Mac) Ctrl + D (Windows)
    2. Use the Copy and Paste shortcuts:
      macOS: ⌘ + C and ⌘ + V
      Windows: Ctrl + C and  Ctrl + V
    3. Hover over the selected layers, hold down the Option key and drag to create a copy of those layers. Release your mouse/trackpad before you release the option key.
  6. You can then adjust the space between the bullet and the text. As well as the spacing between each list item. Our Smart Selection feature will help to create uniform spacing: Using Smart Selection.

Tip! You may also want to create a Component of the bullet and the Text box. This would allow you to reuse the bullet you've created for additional lines. Learn more about creating Components in our Using Components and Instances article.

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