Getting Started with Files and Projects

There are many different terms you could use to define a File or Project. This varies between design tools, which can lead to a bit of confusion.

In this article, we'll introduce you to Files and Projects and how you can use them in Figma.

  1. What are Files
  2. What are Projects
  3. Help Articles
  4. Video Tutorials
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

What are Files

A File is where you will do all your designing in Figma. Files provide the canvas where you can arrange your objects in to designs.

Within a File, you can have many Pages. Pages are perfect for organizing complex interfaces into smaller collections. This is great for keeping related designs together in a single file, or for iterating on concepts.

Learn more about creating and using Files in Working with Files.

What are Projects?

Projects allow you to group related Files together in a single workspace. These work like folders. 

Projects are only available within Teams. It's not possible to create Projects within your Drafts or Recent folders. 

Learn more about creating and using Projects in Working with Projects.

If you are part of a Professional Team, then you have access to Advanced Project Permissions.

This allows you to create Private Projects, that only some of your Team members can access.

Learn more about Advanced Project Permissions in Sharing Projects.

Help Articles

Learn more about working with Files and Projects in our dedicated how to articles:

  1. Using the File Browser
  2. Working with Files
  3. Working with Projects
  4. Understanding Sharing Permissions
  5. Sharing Files
  6. Sharing Projects
  7. Working with Version History

Video Tutorials

Check out these easy to follow Video Tutorials about Files and Projects:

Figma Tutorial: Sharing Files

In this video we will cover sharing permissions and how you can share your files in Figma.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see who has access to a File?

You can see who has access to a specific File from the Sharing modal.

You can access the sharing modal by clicking the Share button in the File toolbar. You can then view, add, remove or change a collaborator's access.

Learn more in our Sharing Files and Sharing Projects articles.

Can I move Files between Teams, Projects or Accounts?

Yes! You can move Files between Teams, Projects and Accounts. It's not currently possible to move Files or Projects between Organizations.

You can:

  1. Move Files from your Drafts
  2. Move Files between Teams or Projects
  3. Move Files between Figma accounts
  4. Move Projects between Teams
  5. Move Files from your Recent folder*

Learn more about moving Files and Projects:

*Note: You can only move Files from your Recent folder if you have access to the Project it is currently located in.

The Team/Project/File Owner is leaving. How do I transfer Ownership of a Team, Project or File?

The Owner of a File, Project or Team can transfer ownership to another collaborator. You can transfer ownership to any existing Editor or Admin.  

The owner will need to do this before they leave the Team. This will ensure any Team Files and Projects remain accessible to other Team members.

How this works:

  1. The Owner transfers the ownership of the Team, File or Project.
  2. They can now leave the Team or the File. Make sure not to delete the File or Project.
  3. They may then choose to delete their Figma account.

Learn more about transferring ownership in our articles:

Keep in Mind

If someone leaves the Team, any Files or Projects they created in that Team will remain within that Team. When they leave the Team, we transfer ownership of those Files to the Team's current owner. 

If the File or Project is deleted, collaborators will no longer be able to access the File/Project. If this happens, you will need to contact the Owner and request they restore the File/Project.

If someone deletes their entire Figma account, any Files or Project that they owned will also be deleted. It's not possible to restore Files and Projects from a deleted account.

I gave someone edit access to a File/Project, but they still can't edit it

If you have invited someone to your project as an editor, Figma will send an invitation to their email address. They will need to accept the invitation before they are able to edit the File. 

I'm getting a 404 Page from a Figma link

You will land on a 404 page if you attempt to open a File that you don't have access to. Or, if the File in question has since been deleted.

We recommend the following:

  • Make sure you're logged in to Figma under the correct email address.
  • Make sure you have accepted the invitation to view or edit the File.
  • Check your Deleted Files folder to see if you can locate the File there. Learn more about Deleted Files in Working with Files: Deleted Files.
  • Reach out to the File owner to see if they have removed your access.

What are Private Projects? Does this mean my other Projects aren't private?

Private Projects are "Invite only" Projects within Teams. 

By default, Team Projects are available to everyone in that Team. With Private Projects, you can select which some Team members to invite to your Project.

You can only create Private Projects, if you are part of a Professional team. Learn more about Advanced Project Permissions in Sharing Projects.

Can I make someone an Admin without including them in my billing?

I'm afraid not. Figma will bill you for any Admins in your Team. Admins are considered as collaborators with  Can Edit access (Editors). 

It's not currently possible to add someone to Figma in a "buyer"or purely administrative role.

Link Sharing allows you to share your File with anyone via the File's URL. 

You can determine how collaborators can discover and access individual Files. There are two settings available:

Link Sharing Discovery:

  • Anyone with the link
  • Anyone at <Organization> with the link
  • Anyone at <Organization>
  • Only people invited to the File.

Link Sharing Permissions:

  • Can View
  • Can Edit

You can update these settings at any time, via the File's sharing modal. 

Learn more about Link Sharing in our Sharing Files article.

How do I prevent people from copying and sharing my Files?

Any Editors added to your File will be able:

  • Copy layers, objects or Frames
  • Export assets
  • Create a duplicate of the file
  • Save a copy of the file as a .fig file

If you want to share your File with someone, you can add them as a Viewer.

You can choose if Viewers are able to copy and/or share the file. If you've turned this setting off on a specific file, Viewers won't be able to perform any of those actions on the file. This setting is turned off/on for each file individually. 

Note: This setting is only available to Student and Professional Teams, or Teams in an Organization.

Learn more about this setting in our Sharing Files article.

Help! My Files or Projects have disappeared!

There a couple of reasons why a File or Project may be missing:

The File was deleted

If you have deleted a File that you are the Owner of, you can restore it. 

If you've deleted a Project, it's not possible to restore the entire Project. However, you can restore the Files that were in that project. We recommend restoring these to your Drafts folder, then moving them to a new Project.

Learn more about restoring Deleted Files in our article: Working with Files: Deleted Files.

Note: If you have already used the Delete Forever option in the Deleted Files folder, then the File can no longer be restored. 

The File was moved

If the File is missing from your Recent folder, it's possible that it was moved to a new location that you don't have access to.

We recommend reaching out to the File owner, to grant you access to its new

The Owner deleted their Figma account

If someone deletes their Figma account, any Files or Project that they were the Owner of will also be deleted. It's not possible to restore Files and Projects from a deleted account. 

We recommend transferring any Teams, Projects or Files to another collaborator, before deleting your account. We will alert the Owner to this during the deletion process. 

Learn more about transferring Files and Projects:

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