Working with Projects

Projects are only available within Teams. It's not possible to create Projects within your  Drafts or Recent folders. You can use Teams whether you're a group of collaborators, or a Team of 1: Create a New Team.

Projects allow you to group related Files together in a single workspace. They work like folders.

In this article we'll cover:

  1. Finding Projects
  2. Creating Projects
  3. Favoriting Projects
  4. Modifying Projects
  5. Moving Projects
  6. Changing Project Permissions
  7. Transfer Ownership of a Project

Finding Projects

 You can access all Projects within a Team from the Team Projects section, on the Team Page: 

  1. Click on the Team name in the File Browser: 
  2. Select the Project from the Team Projects section: 

  3. This will bring you to the File space of that Project: 

You can interact with any File in a Project, just like you can with Files from your Recents, Drafts or Deleted Files folders. Learn more about managing Files in our Managing Files section above. 

Creating Projects

Anybody who is an Editor can create a Project within the Team's Workspace.

You can determine the Project's permissions when you create the project. By default, everyone in the Team will have the same level of access to any Team Projects.

  1. Click + Project to create a new Project within the team: 
  2. Give the project a name: 
  3. If you have a (paid) Professional Team, you can define what access your Team Members will have. Click the arrow next to Everyone at <Team> can edit. If you aren't on a Professional Team, then your Project will be set to Can Edit.
    You can then choose between:
    • Can Edit 
    • Can View
    • Invite-Only

    Learn more about sharing permissions in our Understanding Sharing Permissions article.

  4. Click Create Project to confirm:
  5. Your Project will now appear in the Projects section of your Team Space:

You can then create a + New File in your Project workspace. Or drag and drop Files to import them into the Project. Learn more about importing Images, Vectors and Files to Figma in our Importing Files to Figma article.

Tip! If you are on a paid Figma Team or Organization, you will have access to Advanced Project Permissions. This allows you to create Projects within a Team, that have View Only or Invite Only permissions. Learn more about creating Private Projects in our Understanding Permissions article.

Favoriting Projects

You can favorite any important or current Projects within a Team.

Favorited Projects appear underneath the Team name in the File Browser. This makes them easier to access.

You can favorite a Project in a few different places.

From the Team Workspace:

  1. Click on the Team name in the File Browser.
  2. Locate the Project in the Team Projects list.
  3. Click the Star icon next to the Project: 
  4. The Project name will now appear underneath the Team in the File Browser:

From the Project's File Space:

You can also favorite the Project while you are the Project's File Space.

  1. Open the Project in the File Space.
  2. Click the Star icon in the menu bar: 
  3. The Project name will now appear underneath the Team in the File Browser.

From the Menu bar:

  1. In the Menu bar, click on the arrow next to the Project name.
  2. Select Add to Favorites from the options: 
  3. The Project name will now appear underneath the Team in the File Browser.

Tip! To remove a Project from your favorites, click the star icon again from any of the locations above.

Modify Projects

You can also make changes to the Project itself.

Renaming Projects:

To change the name of the Project:

  1. Open the Project in the File Space.
  2. In the Menu bar, click on the arrow next to the Project name.
  3. Select Rename from the options:


  1. Double-click on the Project name in the Menu bar
  2. The Project name will now be editable: 
  3. Click outside of the Project name to apply.

Deleting Projects:

If you no longer require a Project, you can delete it. This will send the Project to the Deleted Files and Projects folder of the Project Owner.

  1. Open the Project in the File Space.
  2. In the Menu bar, click on the arrow next to the Project name: 
  3. Select Delete from the options: 
  4. Click Delete Project to confirm. The Projects will immediately be removed from the Team and any Project Files will be added to the Deleted Files folder. 
  5. To delete the File forever, you will also need to select Delete forever from the Owner's Deleted Files folder. Learn more in Working with Files: Deleting Files.

Note: It's not possible to restore a Project once it has been deleted. If you have accidentally deleted a Project, we recommend duplicating the Deleted Files from that Project to your Drafts folder. You can then create a new Project and move those Files to the Project you have created.

Moving Projects Between Teams:

You can only move a favorited Project between Teams. Learn how to favorite Projects in our Favoriting Projects section.

  1. Click and hold the Project name in the File Browser.
  2. Drag the Project name so that it appears underneath the Team name.
  3. Release to move the Project. Click Move Project to confirm the location.

Changing Project Permissions

Generally, any Projects created within a Team will be accessible to all Team Members. In a Professional team you can adjust the Permissions for each Project.

Any Editor on the Team will be able to update a Project's permission to Can Edit, Can View, or Invite Only (Private).

The Sharing Modal for a Project allows you to:

  • View and Update Team Access
  • Invite Collaborators from outside of the Team
  • See who else has access to the the Project
  • Turn a Project into a Private or View Only Project (Professional Teams only)

Learn more about Permissions in Sharing Projects.

Transfer Ownership of a Project

When you create a Project, you are the Project Owner

You can choose to transfer ownership of the Project to another collaborator on your Team. This is perfect if you are leaving a Team or Project, or want to put someone else in charge. Only the current Project owner can change who owns the Project.

This will transfer both the Project itself and any Files included, to the new owner.

To transfer ownership of a Project:

  1. Open the Project in the File Space.
  2. Click the Share button in the top-right corner. This will open the sharing modal for that Project: 
  3. Find the person you would like to transfer ownership to. You can only transfer ownership to someone who is an existing collaborator on that Project.
  4. Click the arrow next to their current access level and select Owner from the options: 
  5. You'll need to confirm the transfer before Figma transfers the Project to the new owner. You can't undo this action. Click the Transfer ownership button to confirm: 

This will immediately transfer ownership of the Project and any Files to the new owner. This won't change the Project's location or affect your ability to view or access the Project.

Note: You can also transfer ownership of an entire Team. This transfer any Projects or Files you owned to the new Owner, when you leave that Team. Learn more about transferring a Team in Managing your Team: Transferring Ownership.

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