Make Changes to Master Components

There are two aspects to a Component:

  1. The Master Component, which defines the properties of the Component.
  2. The Instance, which is a copy of the Component that you can reuse in your designs.

Instances are linked to the Master Component, so any changes you make to the Master Component will be applied to the Instance.

In this article, we'll cover how to update Master Components:

  1. In the Current File
  2. Locating the Master Component
  3. In a Team Library

Warning: It's not current possible to copy and paste - or move - a Master Component to another file. Doing so will break the link between the Master Component and any Instances.

In the Current File

If you are using Instances within the same File as your Master Components, any changes you make to the Master Component will be applied to those Instances immediately.

  1. Locate the Master Component in the File
    • You can use the Go to Master Component link (see below) in the Properties Panel to locate the Component: 
    • Components will be displayed in purple in the Layers Panel: 
  2. Make any changes to the Master Component.
  3. Those changes will be instantly reflected on any related Instances.

Locating the Master Component

If you're using Instances within a File, you may need to make tweaks and improvements to the Master Component itself.

You can use the Go to Master Component link to quickly locate the Master Component. You can use this within a File, or to view a Master Component shared via a Team Library.

You can find this in the Instance section of the Properties Panel:

  1. Click Go to Master Component. This will take you to the Component's location on the current page. Or, open the File where the Master Component lives.
  2. Make any changes to the Master Component.
  3. You can then use the Return to Instance prompt at the bottom of the screen, to return the original instance you were working with.

In a Team Library

Note: You can only publish and use Components via the Team Library, on a Professional Team. Learn more about Figma's Professional plans:

When you make changes to a Component, those changes will only apply within the current File. 

If you want to use Components across Files, then you will need to publish these to your Team Library. This will ensure your Instances across all your Files and Project are updated, when you make any changes to the Master Component.

How it Works

  1. Open the File where your Master Component(s) live.
  2. Make any changes you'd like to the Master Components.
  3. Publish those changes to the Team Library.
  4. We will notify you when any changes are published to the Team Library.
  5. You can then Review and update any Files that use Instances of those Component.

Learn more about sharing Components and publishing updates in our Team Library article.

Note: it isn't possible to Return to Instance when viewing Master Components from a Team Library. This is because Figma will open the Master Component File in a new tab anyway. You can switch between tabs to return to the original instance.

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