Manage Members in an Organization

The Members tab allows you to see a list of all Members within an Organization. You can access the Members tab from the Admin Console

From the Members tab you can:

  1. Find a specific Member using the Search field.
  2. View the Name and Email address of every Member in your Organization.
  3. Filter Members by Role and Account Type.
  4. View or update a Member's Role or Account Type.
  5. View the Date upgraded for any Full Members. 
  6. See a Member's Last Edit - the last time they edited a File.
  7. See when a Member was Last Seen - the last time they performed an action in Figma e.g. moving or renaming a File, publishing a library etc. This is not their last login date.
  8. View Activity Logs for specific Members.
  9. Remove Members from your Organization.

Note: Members that aren't Admins will still have access to the Members tab. They will only see the Member's Role, Account Type, Last Edit and Last Seen.

Learn more about Managing Organization Members

  1. Add Members to the Organization
  2. Upgrade a Member of your Organization
  3. Restrict a Member's Access
  4. Remove someone from the Organization
  5. Export a List of Organization Members
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