Managing Organization Members

The Members tab allows you to see a list of all Members within an Organization. You can use this to manage their Role and Account Type, as well as remove them from the Organization.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Using the Members Tab
  2. Adding Members to the Organization
  3. Upgrading Members to a Full Account Type
  4. Restricting Members to the Restricted Account Type
  5. Removing Members from the Organization
  6. Requesting Member list as CSV

Learn more about Roles and Account Types in our Understanding Organization Permissions article.

Using the Members Tab

You can access the Members tab from the Admin Console. From the Members tab you can:

  1. Find a specific Member using the Search field.
  2. View the Name and Email address of every Member in your Organization.
  3. Filter Members by Role and Account Type.
  4. View or update a Member's Role or Account Type.
  5. View the Date upgraded for any Full Members. 
  6. See a Member's Last Edit - the last time they edited a File.
  7. See when a Member was Last Seen - the last time they performed an action in Figma e.g. moving or renaming a File, publishing a library etc. This is not their last login date.
  8. View Activity Logs for specific Members.
  9. Remove Members from your Organization.

Note: Members that aren't Admins will only see the Member's Role, Account Type, Last Edit and Last Seen.

Adding Members to the Organization

Members can be added to the Organization via the Invite Members link on the Team's page. Anyone can invite a Member to the Team. 

The Member who sent the invitation's access will determine the new members access level i.e. if a Team Member is invited by a Viewer they will be given " Can View" access by default; if they are invited by an Editor they can be given "Can Edit" access.

By default, any Members that join a Team themselves will be added to the Team with only   Can View access. They will need to be upgraded to Can Edit access by another Editor or Admin on that team. Once the Member or Admin has been given Can Edit access to a team, they will be considered a Full Member and the Organization will be billed accordingly.

Upgrading Members to Full

When you first add a new  Member to your account, they will be given Starter permissions by default. This allows them View and Comment on any files or resources, without being upgraded.

In this section we'll cover:

  1. Automatic Upgrades from Starter
  2. Members Requesting an Upgrade
  3. Upgrading a Member in the Admin Console

Automatic Upgrades from Starter

A Starter will be automatically upgraded to a Full Member if:

  • They share a Draft from their personal files.
  • They are given Can Edit access to at least one project, file or resource within the Organization (outside of their own drafts).

The Member will be upgraded to a Full member as soon as their permissions on that file have been updated. Their access permissions on any other files or resources within the Organization won't be affected.

Note: Once a member's Account Type is set to Full or Restricted, it's not possible to go back to a Starter Account Type.

Members Requesting an Upgrade

A Member can also request an upgrade from their Account Settings by clicking the  Request Upgrade link next to their current Account Type:

They can also request an update when they receive a restricted access warning. This will send a notification to all Organization Admins, who can then approve the Member's request.

Upgrading a Member in the Admin Console

An Organization Admin can also upgrade a Member from the Admin Console.

  1. Open the Members tab in the Admin Console.
  2. Search for the Member in the field provided: 
  3. Click the arrow next to their Account Type and select Full from the options: 

Note: Once a member is upgraded to Full access they will be included in your billing. There will be no immediate notification of the additional charge when a member is upgraded to Full.

Restricting Member's Access

If you do not want someone to have Edit access to Files and Resources within your Organization, you can restrict their access.  Restricted members will not be included in an Organization's billing. 

Restricted Members will still be able to view and comment on any shared resources, but they will no longer be able to edit any files, or share any drafts they have created.

Admins will be able to change any  Starter or Full member's Account Type to Restricted

Note: Once a member's Account Type is set to Full or Restricted, it's not possible to go back to a Starter Account Type.

  1. Open the Members tab in the Admin Console.
  2. You can search for the Member in the field provided: 
  3. Click the arrow next to their Account Type and select Restricted from the options: 

The Member won’t be notified that their access has been restricted. Instead, they will see an Access Restricted message when they next try to share or edit a File.

Note: Restricted member can request an upgrade to Full access. This can be done from anywhere where they receive a message regarding their restricted access:

This will send a request to all Admins of the Organization, which will need to be approved:

Once approved, that Member will be upgraded to  Full access and they will be included in the Organization's billing.

Removing Members from the Organization

When a Team member leaves an Organization, you can remove them in Figma. This will immediately remove their access to the Organization.

This applies to Members, Admins and any Guests.

Note: Any Drafts that belonged to that user will automatically be moved to the Shared Projects folder within the Organization.

Organization Admins will be able to access those Files from the Shared Projects folder. They can then move or share those Files with any relevant Teams or Projects.

  1. Go to the Members tab in the Admin Console.
  2. Search for the member using the field provided: 
  3. Click the three dots in the right-hand column:
  4. Select Remove from Organization from the options: 
  5. A confirmation message will be shown on screen to indicate they have been removed from the Organization.

Requesting Member List as CSV

If you are an Admin of your Organization, you can request a complete list of members from the Members tab as a CSV file. This will include additional information about each member beyond what’s available on the Members tab in the Admin Console, including: Job Title, Date Added, and Teams to which the user belongs.

If your Organization has configured SCIM, some additional user attributes may also be included in the Member list export. These include: Cost Center ID, Division, Department, Employe Number, and Manager. 

To export your member list as CSV:

1. Open the Admin Console and go to the Members tab.

2. Expand the menu at in the table header and select Request CSV

3. Figma will display a message confirming your request. It may take a few minutes to generate the list, but you'll receive an email with your CSV when it's ready to go.

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