Accepting Updates from your Team Library

We will notify you of any changes made to Master Components or Styles you're using. This allows you to keep your designs up-to-date.

In this article we'll cover:

  1. Team Library Notifications
  2. Reviewing Updates
  3. Dismissing Updates

Team Library Notifications

When a change has been published made to your Team library, you will receive a notification. You'll receive a notification when:

  • New Components or Styles are available from the Team Library.
  • Updates are available for Components or Styles you are using.

The notification will appear on any Files that include those Styles or Components.

You'll see the notification in the bottom-right corner of your screen. A blue dot will also appear on the Team Library icon in the Assets Panel:

You can then choose to Review Updates or Dismiss a Notification.

Note: We won't notify you when removing Components or Style from a Team Library. You will be able to continue using that Style or any Instances, but there will be no further updates applied.

Review Updates

You can then choose to review any updates. This allows you to apply those changes to any Styles or Components you're using.

  1. Click Review from the notification: 
  2. Or, click on the Team Library icon in the Assets Panel: 
  3. Go to the Updates tab in the Library modal: 
  4. You will see a list of Components and Styles that have been updated. You can click Update next to an individual item to accept those changes:
  5. Or, you can click the Update all button in the bottom-right corner of the modal:
  6. Those changes will now be applied to any Styles or Instances you are using.

Dismiss a Notification

You can also choose to Dismiss the notification and continue to use the Instances in their current state.

  1. Click Dismiss to hide the notification: 
  2. You can review and accept any changes at a later date via the Team Library icon in the Assets panel.

Things to Note

  • You will be prompted to update your Styles and Component each time you open an affected File.
  • Even though your Instances are no longer up-to-date, they are still connected to their Master Components.
  • You can accept these changes to Team Library at any time by clicking on the Team Library icon. The notification badge will remain there until changes are reviewed and/or accepted.
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