Enabling and Disabling Team Libraries

You can access your Team Library and any Styles or Components via the Assets tab. You can choose which Team Libraries show up for you here.

If you are the Team Owner or Admin, you can also choose which Libraries are available to your Team members. Figma adds these libraries to the Assets tab of every Team File. This allows Team members to access shared Styles and Components from any Team Files.

In this article we'll cover

  1. Enabling Libraries for Team Files
  2. Enabling Libraries an Individual Files
  3. Disabling Libraries in the Assets Panel

Enable Libraries for Team Files

If you are the  Team Owner or Admin, you can also choose which Libraries are available to your Team members.

By enabling a Library on your Team Page, you make that Library available in the Assets tab of all Team Files.

  1. Head to the Team Workspace.
  2. In the Team Settings section, click the Enable Libraries link: 
  3. The Library modal will show you a list of any shared Files that include Styles and/or Components. You can see the File name, as well as how many Components and Styles included in each File.
  4. Click on the File name to view a gallery of the included Components and Styles:
  5. Use the toggle to Enable or Disable an individual File: 
  6. Click the x icon to return to the Team Workspace.

Enabling Libraries on Individual Files

Editors can also choose to enable other libraries in the Assets tab. 

Note: Any libraries you enable on Team Files will also be made available to other Editors with access to those Libraries.

  1. Click the Team Library icon in the Assets Panel: 
  2. The Library modal will open and allow you to view a list of available libraries: 
  3. Toggle to Enable or Disable a specific library:
  4. Click the x icon to return to the canvas: 
  5. Any libraries you have enabled will now be accessible in the Assets tab: 

Note: If someone does not have access to a library, then they will not be able to see that library in the Assets tab. This will not give them access to that File. This is handy if you want Editors with access to that library to use it, without enabling that file for everyone in the Team.

Disabling Libraries in the Assets Panel

You can disable a Library to remove it from the libraries in your Assets panel.

  1. In the Assets panel, click the Team Library icon. You can use the keyboard shortcut:
    1. MacOS: Option-3
    2. Windows: Alt + 3
  2. The will open the Team Library modal: 
  3. Enabled libraries will be toggled on in dark grey. Click the toggle to disable a library:
  4. The Library will be removed from the Components list in your Assets panel.

Note: This won't remove the Library from your search results, or prevent you from accessing the Components in that File. To remove a Library completely, you will need to leave the Library File.

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