Removing Files and Components from Team Library

There are many ways to remove or disable Styles, Components, or entire Files from your Team library.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Removing Styles
  2. Remove Components
  3. Remove Files from your Library
  4. Unpublish a File

Removing Styles

You will need to remove published Styles from the Master File.

When you view a Master File with nothing selected, you will be able to see all Local Styles in the Properties Panel:

  1. Locate the Style in the Properties Panel
  2. Right-click on the Style's name and select Delete Style from the options:
  3. Repeat for any other Styles you want to remove.
  4. Publish the changes to your Team Library.

Tip! You can Go to the Master Style from any File with access to the Team Library. This allows you to Edit or Delete a Style from your Library:

  1. Select an object in the canvas that uses that Style.
  2. Click on the Style's name in the Properties Panel:
  3. In the Style pop up, click the Edit icon: 
  4. Click Go to master style to edit to open the Master file:
  5. Click the < arrow to view the list of Local Styles
  6. Right-click on the Style's name in the list and choose Delete Style:

You will also see an option to Move Master Style into this File. This allows you to edit or delete that style without leaving the current File.

Note: Moving a Style removes it from the original File. If you re-publish the original File, the Style would no longer be included.

Removing Components

You can choose to remove Components when you publishing changes to your Team Library. 

For example: You may have Components in your File that you don't want other Collaborators to see. e.g. a Component of an icon or symbol that makes up part of a published Component, but you can't use them alone. Or, you may have Components that are still in progress and you aren't ready to share yet.

You can also remove Components from your Team Library via the Assets panel in the Master File.

  1. Open the Master File where your Components live.
  2. Go to the Assets Panel in the Layers Sidebar and find the Component you'd like to remove.
  3. Right-click on the Component and select Remove from library
  4. This will move the Components to the Private to this file section in the Assets panel.
  5. Publish the changes to your Team Library.

Tip! You can also quickly remove a Component from your Team Library by adding a period "." to the beginning of the Component's name - in the Layers Panel.

Note: You can open the File for any Master Component from any File with access to those Components. Right-click on an Instance of that Component in the canvas and select Go to Master Component.

Removing Files from your Library

If you no longer want to have access to a specific File in your Team Library, then you can remove it. Disabling a Library will only remove those Components from the Assets Panel. 

You will also need to leave the File where the Master Components live to remove it completely.

You can open the original File using the  Go to Master Component link

  • In the canvas: 
    • Select the Component in the Canvas. 
    • In the Instance section of the Properties Panel, click the Go to Master Component link:
  • In the Assets panel: 
    • Right-click on the Component and select Go to Master Component:

Note: If you haven't used the Component in your File, you can temporarily add the Component to your File. This will allow you to use the Go to Master Component link to access the File.

You can then leave the File:

  1. Open the File where the Master Components live.
  2. Click the Share button to open the Sharing modal: 
  3. Find your name in the list of collaborators.
  4. Click on your current access level and select Leave from the options:  

Unpublish a File

If you are the File owner or creator, you may wish to remove your File from the Team Library. To do so, you will need to unpublish the File.

Note: A Team member can still use Instances from an Unpublished library. They will no longer be able to publish or receive updates to those Instances.

  1. Open the File you want to unpublish.
  2. Go to the Assets tab and click on the Team Library icon. Or, use the Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • MacOS: [Option] + [3]
    • Windows: [Ctrl] + [3]
  3. Click the arrow next to the Current File: 
  4. Click the Unpublish button in the bottom-right corner of the modal: 
  5. Click Remove File from Library to confirm: 
  6. We will remove the File from your Team Library. Team Members will no longer be able to receive updates from this File.

Want to disable a Team Library from your Assets panel? Check out our Enabling and Disabling Team Libraries article.

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