Importing Sketch Files

We have a dedicated process that allows you to import entire design files from Sketch (.sketch) into Figma.

This will create a new Figma file from your Sketch import. Any further changes you make to the original file in Sketch will not be reflected in Figma if you re-import the file, and vice versa.

In this article, we'll cover:

  1. Importing Sketch Files
  2. Supported Sketch Features

Importing Sketch Files

There are a few ways you can import your designs from Sketch:

  • Use the File Importer to import an entire .sketch file. 
  • Drag and drop .sketch files into the File Browser.
  • Copy and paste layers from Sketch.
  • When you are in the Editor:
    • Head to the main menu.
    • Select File > New from Sketch File:

Supported Sketch Features

Figma supports the following Sketch features:

  1. Pages
  2. Symbols
  3. Fonts
  4. Styles


Like Sketch, you can store multiple Pages within a single Figma File. Any pages that exist in your Sketch files will be imported as separate pages within the Figma File.

You can switch between Pages from the Layers Panel on the left-hand side of the Editor. Learn more about viewing Pages in our Layers Panel article.


When you import your Sketch files into Figma, any "Symbols" included in the Sketch file will be converted to Figma Components. The Symbols page in the Sketch file will be imported into Figma as a page named Symbols that contains your Master Components.

If you're on the Figma Professional plan, these Components can then be published to your Team Library. This allows you to reuse any of those UI elements across multiple designs.

Learn more about Components in our Using Components and Instances article.

Sketch Symbol Libraries will be imported as a Figma File, and not as a Team Library. You will need to publish the Master Components to your Team Library after importing.


If you have been using custom or locally stored Fonts in Sketch, these can also be supported in Figma. To make sure Text objects are imported correctly from Sketch, you need to ensure those Fonts have been made available to you in Figma.

  • If you are using the Figma Desktop app, you will be able to access any local fonts by default. You won't need to do anything further.
  • If you're using Figma in the browser, then you will need to download the Figma Font Helper to use any locally available fonts. 

You will still be able to import Sketch files, but text objects may not be imported correctly. If this occurs, you will receive a "Missing Fonts" message in Figma. This will give you the opportunity to update any affected Text objects to another Font.

Learn more about using Local Fonts and managing Missing Fonts in our Working with Fonts article.

Using local fonts is not currently supported for Professional Teams using Linux or ChromeOS.  Linux and ChromeOS users can leverage Figma Organization, our enterprise tier, to access Shared Fonts within an Organization. Learn more about Figma Organization in our Getting Started article. 


Styles will not be added via the import process. Any Styles you have been using in Sketch will need to be created as Styles in Figma. Check out our Creating Styles article for more information on creating and adding Styles.

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