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Heads up! We recommend you read our Understanding Sharing Permissions article first, before you read this one. This covers our different permission levels in detail.

Teams are great for collaborating as a group, or for managing your team of one. When you are in a Team you can create Projects and collaborate on Files with others.

In this article, we'll cover:

  1. Team Permissions
  2. Advanced Project Permissions
  3. Using the Project Sharing Modal
  4. Updating Project Permissions

Team Permissions

Generally, any Projects created within a Team will be accessible to all Team Members. Team Members will be able to interact with any Team Projects based on their  permissions

You can determine a collaborator's permissions when you invite them to your Team. 

  • If they are a Viewer on the Team then they will be able to View all Projects within the Team.
  • If they are an Editor or Admin on the Team then they will be able to Edit all Projects within the Team.

You can also adjust the permissions of each Project. This allows you to update a specific collaborator's permissions. Or, share a Project with someone outside of the Team.

You can add and manage collaborators permissions from the Members section of the Team Page. Learn more in our Creating your Team and Managing your Team article.

Advanced Project Permissions

If you are a member of a Professional Team, then you also have access to  Advanced Project Permissions

These additional permissions allow you to create both "View Only" and "Private Projects" within a Team.

👀View Only Projects

When you share a Project as  Can View, only the Project Creator will be able to Edit the Files within that Project.

Team Members will only be able to  View that Project and any Files within it. Even if they have Can Edit access to the rest of your Team Projects.

Tip! You can still invite specific Team Members, or other collaborators outside of the Team, to Edit the Project. You can do this by adding their email address to the Invite field in the Sharing modal.

🔒Private Projects

Private Projects are Projects that aren't available to all Team Members. You can only access a Private Project if someone has explicitly invited you to it.

This is perfect for Projects which require a smaller group of collaborators.  For example: when compiling and maintaining a design system.

Tip! You can still publish Components from Private Projects to your Team Library. Only collaborators with explicit access to that File or Project will be able to use those Components.

Creating a Project with Advanced Project Permissions

Anyone with Can Edit access (or above) can create a Project with Advanced Permissions.

  1. Go to the Team page in the File Browser.
  2. Click + New Project in your Team Projects section: 
  3. Enter a Project name in the field provided: 
  4. Click on the arrow next to the "Everyone at Team Name can Edit" setting.
  5. Select "Invite only — let me choose who has access" to create a Private Project:
  6. Click Create Project to finish.
  7. You can then choose which Team Members you want to invite to that Project. Enter the collaborator's name or email address in the Invite field and click Send Invite.

Using the Project Sharing Modal

The Sharing modal allows you to control who has access to a Project. 

From the sharing modal you can:

  1. View the Project's name.
  2. Invite collaborators from outside the Team to the Project.
  3. View and update the Team's Access to the Project.
  4. See who currently has access to the Project.
  5. Update or remove a collaborator's permissions.

You can open the Sharing modal from a couple of places:

  • In the Project Space
    • Click the Share button in the menu bar: 
    • Click the Project name in the menu bar and select Share
  • In the Team Panel
    • Right-click on the Project name and select Share

Updating Project Permissions

Once you've opened the Sharing modal for a Project, you can make changes to its permissions.

In this section, we'll cover how to:

  1. Add New Collaborators
  2. Update a Collaborator's Permissions
  3. Remove a Collaborator's Access 
  4. Adjust Team Access

Add New Collaborators

  1. Enter the name or email address of the collaborator in the field provided.
  2. We'll show you a list of any potential matches from your existing collaborators. Select the collaborator to add them to the field.
  3. Select which permission you want to give them: 
  4. Click Send Invite to send an invitation. They will need to accept this by following the link in their invitation email. 

Update a Collaborator's Permissions

  1. Click on the arrow next to their current permissions:
  2. Select the new permission from the options: 

Remove a Collaborator's Access

  1. Find the collaborator you wish to remove.
  2. Click on the arrow next to their current permissions and s elect Remove from the options: 
  3. The collaborator will no longer have access to that Project and any Files included within it.

Adjust Team Access

If you are on a Professional Team, you can remove the Team's access to a Project. This will create a Private Project that only collaborators who are invited to the Project can access.

  1. Click on the arrow next to Members of Team Name:
  2. Select the appropriate permission from the list:
    1. Select "Can edit" to allow Team members to access the Project based on their Team permissions:
    2. Select "Can view" to create a Project that Team members can view by default:
    3. Select "Remove Team Access" to change the Project to a Private Project:
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