Manage Plugins in an Organization

You have even more control over how you use and share plugins within an Organization.

You can create plugins that are only available to your Organization. Or share your favorite plugins with the wider Figma community.

Organization Admins can manage which plugins are available to members of your Organization. This includes whitelisting, installing and uninstalling plugins.

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Publish Plugins in an Organization

If you are in an Organization, you have two options for publishing plugins:


You can publish a plugin privately to an Organization. This allow members of your Organization to view and use your plugins. People from outside of your Organization won't be able to access these plugins.

Members can find Private plugins in the Organization section of the Plugins Page:

Any member can privately publish a plugin to the Organization. We list that member as the plugin's Publisher, instead of the Organization.


If you are an Organization Admin, you can publish a plugin publicly.

We list the plugin on the Figma Plugin Page, with the Organization as the Publisher.

Anyone inside or outside of your Organization can install those plugins.

Change a Plugin's Access

You can change a plugin's access, once you have published it. You can change a Public plugin to a private plugin, or publish a private plugin publicly.

  1. Go to the Plugins page.
  2. Click the three dots next to the Plugin you want to change:
  3. You can then choose to set the plugin Access as Private or Public.

If you're changing a plugin from private to public, it will need to go through our review process. Learn more about publishing plugins in our Making Plugins article.

Browse Organization Plugins

If you are part of an Organization, you can view a list of your Organization's plugins.

This includes:

  • Plugins that Organization members create and are private to your Organization. You'll see the specific member's name as the Publisher.
  • Plugins created by your Organization that they have published publicly.
  • Public plugins that an Organization Admin has whitelisted.

From the Plugins Page, click the See all link in the Organization section: 

You can Browse, Find and Install Plugins via your Organization Space. As well as in your Personal Space.

You can move between your Organization and Personal Space. Use the switcher in the top-left corner of your account: 

  • Any plugins you install in your Personal Space will be available in your Organization space. And vice versa.
  • You can use any Organization plugins you install in your personal space.

Whitelist Plugins in an Organization

We take the privacy and security of our users very seriously.

Every Plugin that's listed on the Figma Plugin Page will go through a review process. This ensures they meet our recommendations around privacy and security.

Learn more about the approval process in our Review Guidelines article.

In an Organization, you can also enable a Plugin Whitelist. This gives you even greater control over which Plugins your members have access to.

  • You can still use plugins that have been privately published to the Organization.
  • Organization members can only install public plugins that are on the whitelist. They will still be able to view public plugins that aren't on the whitelist.
  • There isn't currently a way for members to request a plugin, in Figma. They will need to contact an Organization Admin directly to add a plugin to the whitelist.

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Enable Plugin Whitelist

  1. Open the Admin Console and go to the Plugins tab.
  2. Click the Enable Whitelist button: 
  3. We will enable the waitlist immediately and display an Active badge.

Whitelist a Plugin

  1. Go to the Plugin listing that you want to whitelist.
  2. Copy the link to the plugin in the Share section: 
  3. Open the Admin Console and go to the Plugins tab.
  4. Click the [+] icon: 
  5. Paste the plugin link in the field provided and click the Whitelist button to confirm: 
  6. We will add the Plugin to the whitelist: 
  7. To remove a plugin from the whitelist, click the [-] icon next to the plugin: 

You can report any plugins that are inappropriate, or look suspicious.

  1. Go to the Plugin's listing.
  2. Click the Flag as Inappropriate link (under the Share section): 
  3. This will open a window where you can send us a message. Use the field provided to add any relevant details: 
  4. Click Send a message. This will send a message to our plugin review team (

Install Plugins for an Organization

If you are an Admin in a Figma Organization, you can choose to install a plugin for the entire Organization.

If you have enabled the Plugin Whitelist, this action will also whitelist the plugin.

Note: It's not possible to install a plugin for just a specific Team in the Organization.

  1. Find the plugin you'd like to install.
  2. Click the arrow next to the Install button. You'll see two options:
    • Install for you
    • Install for everyone at <Organization>
  3. Select Install for everyone at Organization.
  4. We will add the Plugin to the Installed by <Organization> section of the Plugins Page. Everyone in the Organization.

🔎Learn more about installing Plugins for individuals in our Using Plugins article.

Uninstall Plugins for an Organization

If you are an Organization Admin, you can also choose to uninstall a plugin. This will remove it for the entire Organization.

  1. You can view a list of plugins that were Installed by Organization on the Plugins Page:
  2. Click the minus icon [-] next to the plugin you want to remove: <Image: Hover over minus icon to remove plugin>
  3. You'll need to confirm your action. Click Uninstall to confirm:

You can also uninstall plugins from the Browser Plugins page and the Plugin listing.

  1. Hover over the Installed button:
  2. Click the arrow next to Uninstall and select Installed for everyone at Figma again:
  3. When prompted, click Uninstall to confirm:

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