Change the Owner of a Team

When you create a Team, we will designate you as the Team owner.

If you are leaving a Team - or would like someone else to be the main admin of a Team - then you can transfer ownership to another Team member. This can only be done if you are the current  Owner of the Team.

This process does not update the Team's billing. If you are currently paying for the Team, you will also need to update your billing details. We recommend you do this before transferring ownership.

Transfer Ownership of a Team

  1. In the File Browser, open the appropriate Team page.
  2. In the Team Members section, find the Member you'd like to transfer ownership to.
  3. Click the arrow next to their current access permissions and select Owner from the options.

    Tip! The new owner will need to have either Can Edit or Admin access already.

  4. You'll be prompted to confirm. This action cannot be undone. Click Transfer Ownership to confirm.
  5. The new Owner's access will be updated and your access will be changed to Admin. You can then leave the Team, if desired.
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