Change the Owner of a Team

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma plan
✅Only the current Team Owner can transfer ownership

When you create a Team, we will make you the Team Owner.

We recommend you transfer ownership of a Team if you are:

  • Handing a Team over to a different Collaborator
  • Leaving a Team or Organization
  • Wanting to remove Teams, Files or Projects from your account

Only the current Team Owner can transfer ownership of a Team. You can transfer this to anyone else on the Team.

Update your Billing Details before Transfer

We won't update the Team's billing details as part of this process. If you are currently paying for the Team, you need to update your billing details separately. You will need to do this before transferring ownership.

Transfer Ownership of a Team

  1. Open the Team page in the File Browser
  2. Navigate to the Members tab
  3. Click the arrow next to Team Member's permissions and select Owner from the options:
  4. We will ask you to confirm the transfer. This action cannot be undone. Click Transfer Ownership to confirm.
  5. We will:
    • Update the selected member to Owner
    • Give you Admin access to the Team
  6. You are then free to leave the Team.
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