Invite a Collaborator to a Team

You can add new collaborators to your Team, at any time. You can invite them to the entire Team, or to an individual File or Project.

Adding Editors

If you're adding new Editors to your plan you can expect your monthly Billing to increase. This includes anyone with   Can EditAdmin or Team Owner access. 

  • Monthly: Any new Editors added to your account will be included in your next monthly bill.
  • Annual: If you are on an Annual plan, you will be charged for any additional Editors on top of your Annual bill. 

If you are replacing an Editor and your total number of Editors won't change, your billing won't be affected.Learn more about what to expect in our Managing your Billing article.

Invite a Member to your Team

  1. In the File Browser, open the Team Page
  2. In the Team Members section, click + Invite a Team Member link:
  3. Enter the Team Member's Email address in the field provided
  4. Determine which level of access they have. You can choose from:
    1. Admin
    2. Can Edit
    3. Can View 

      Note: If you have a Professional Team, Team Members who are given Admin or Can Edit access will be included in your billing. 

  5. Click the Invite button to send an email invitation. The Team Member will need to accept the invitation, before they will be able to view and access the Team.
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