Remove a Member from a Team

If someone leaves your company - or doesn't need access to your Projects any more - you can remove them from your Team. 

When you remove a collaborator, we will immediately:

  • Revoke their access to any Team Files and Projects.
  • Remove them from the Team Billing (if they were an Editor or Admin).
  • Transfer any Team Projects or Files they created/owned to the current Team Owner.

If they are the  Team Owner, you will need to transfer ownership of the Team to another collaborator first.

Remove a Team Member

You can remove a Team member from the Team Members section of the Team Page.

  1. In the File Browser, open the Team Page.
  2. In the Team Members section, find the Member you'd like to remove.
  3. Click the arrow next to their current permissions and select Remove from the options: 
  4. We will immediately remove them from the Team.

Note: It's possible to also invite collaborator's to individual Team Files and Projects . If you have, you will need to remove the collaborator from those Files and Projects too. Learn more about File and Project permissions in our Sharing Files and Sharing Projects articles.

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