Change your Team Name or Icon

Nothing brings a Team together more than collaborating on a Team name. If you want to change this to something more inspiring, or assign your Team an Icon, you can update these both from the Team page.

Change your Team Name

  1. In the File Browser, go to the Team page.
  2. In the menu bar, click the down arrow next to the Team Name:
  3. Select Rename from the options: 
  4. The Team name will now be editable. Enter the new name in the field.
  5. Press the [Enter] key -  or click outside of the field - to save your changes.

Change the Team Icon

There are two ways to change the Team Icon:

From the Menu Bar

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Team Name in the menu bar.
  2. Select Change Icon from the options: 
  3. A window will pop up that allows you to select an image from your computer. Select an appropriate image and click Open to confirm.
  4. We will update your Team icon.

From the Icon

You can also update the image from the Icon.

  1. Hover over the existing icon until the pencil icon appears:
  2. Click the pencil icon to open a File window.
  3. Select an Image from your computer and click Open to apply.
  4. We will update your Team
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