Upgrade a Member of your Organziation

Who can use this feature?

  • Users on the Figma Organization plan.
  • Only Organization Admins can adjust a member's Role in the Organization.

When you first add a new  Member to your account, they will be given Viewer permissions by default.

This allows them View and Comment on any files or resources, without being upgraded.

There are three ways a Member can be upgraded to an Editor:

  1. Perform an Upgrade Action
  2. Request an Upgrade
  3. Upgraded by an Organization Admin

Perform an Upgrade Action

When you add new Members to your Organization, we will give them a Role as a Viewer.

We will automatically upgrade a  Viewer to an Editor if:

  • They share a personal File from their Drafts.
  • They are invited to a TeamProject or File within the Organization as an Editor.

This won't affect their permissions on other files or resources within the Organization.

Note: If required, you can Restrict a member's access to remove them from your billing. We'll alert you to any new Editors as part of your Quarterly True-up.

Member Requests an Upgrade

A Member can also request an upgrade from their Account Settings. They can also request an update when they receive a  restricted access warning.

This will send a notification to all Organization Admins, who can then approve the Member's request.

Request an Upgrade

  1. Go to the Account Settings in your Figma Account.
  2. In the Organization section you can view your current Role.
  3. If this is set to Viewer [Restricted], you can click the Request Upgrade link:
  4. We send the request via email to all Admins of the Organization.

Approve or Reject a Request

If you are an Organization Admin you can approve or reject a member's request.

  1. Open your inbox and find the request email.
    1. Click the Approve request button to upgrade the member to an Editor.
    2. Click the Reject access button to reject the request. The member's Role will remain at Viewer [Restricted].

Upgrade a Member in the Admin Console

An Organization Admin can also upgrade a Member from the Admin Console.

  1. Open the Members tab in the Admin Console.
  2. Search for the Member in the field provided.
  3. Click the down arrow next to their Role and select Editor from the options: 
  4. We will update their Role to Editor and:
    1. Include them as a new Editor in your Billing. You may be required to pay for additional licenses in your next Quarterly True-up.
    2. Not update their access permissions on any Teams. You can control a member's access to each Team individually.
    3. Add an Editor [NEW] badge next to their name in the Members tab.

Note: If a member is upgraded once you have finalized your Quarterly True-up, we will include them in your next quarter's billing instead.

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