Downgrade a Member in an Organization

Who can use this feature?

  • Users on the Figma Organization plan.
  • Only Organization Admins can adjust a member's Role in the Organization.

If you do not want someone to be included in your Organization's Billing you can downgrade them to a Viewer [Restricted]. This will restrict their access and actions within the Organization.

Viewer [Restricted] members:

  • ✅Can view and comment on any Files or Prototypes that are shared with them.
  • ✅Can create and Edit Files in their Drafts folder.
  • ❌Can't  Edit any Projects, Files or Libraries in the Organization.
  • ❌Can't share Files from their  Drafts folder.
  • ❌Aren't included in an Organization's billing.

  • Change a Member's Role

    1. Open the Admin Console and go to the Members tab.
    2. Search for the Member in the field provided.
    3. Click the down arrow next to their Role and select Viewer [Restricted] from the options:
    4. We will then:
      • Immediately restrict the Member's access to View Only
      • Remove their Edit access to any Files, Projects or Libraries in the Organization
      • Add a Viewer [Restricted] badge next to their name in the Members tab:

    The Member won’t be notified that their access has been restricted. They will see an "Access Restricted" message when they next try to  share or edit a File.

    Note: A Restricted member can request an upgrade to Editor access. We will send this request to all Admins of an Organization. You can **Approve** or Reject the request.

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