Manage Quarterly True Ups in an Organization

Who can use this feature?

  • Users on the Figma Organization plan.
  • Only Organization Admins can adjust a member's Role in the Organization.

We bill Organizations on an Annual Subscription. We base your Annual Subscription on the total number of Editors you need.

We expect that the total number of Editors may change throughout the Billing period. To account for this, you can buy more licenses via the Quarterly True-up process.

The process works like this:

  1. Annual Subscription
  2. Quarterly True-up
  3. Confirm Editors
  4. Pay Invoice

Annual Subscription

We will invoice you for your Annual Subscription when you first sign up to Figma.

Your billing period will cover a calendar year from your Organization sign up date. e.g. October 1st, 2019 - October 1st, 2020.

We issue licenses based on the total number of Editors you currently have. We expect the total number of Editors will change through the year.

Every 90 days (or quarter) we will give you the opportunity to buy licenses for any new Editors. We call this the Quarterly True-up.

Note: You will only need to buy extra licenses if you have more Editors than existing licenses.

Quarterly True-up

Every 90 days (or quarter) we will give you the opportunity to buy licenses for any new Editors. We call this the Quarterly True-up.

During the quarter, you can track your Quarterly True-up in the Billing tab.

At the top of the window, you can see a summary of the current True-up. This includes the:

  1. Total number of New Editors this quarter
  2. Projected total of your invoice. We prorate these charges so they cover the rest of your annual billing period.
  3. Date of the Upcoming Invoice

Want to change who receives billing emails? Check out our Update your Organization's Billing Contact article.

Confirm Editors

Two weeks before the end of your quarter, we will send you an email asking you to confirm any new Editors.

This gives you the opportunity to determine who you want to include in your billing.You will be able to downgrade, remove or upgrade members before confirming.

Click the link in the email to open the Members tab.

From the Members tab you can then:

  1. View Total New Editors and Projected Total
  2. Click on the Date Upgraded column to sort Members by date upgraded (to Editor). Click the heading again to sort in descending order (newest first).
  3. Identify new Editors by the [NEW] badge next to their Role
  4. You can use the Last Edit and Last Active dates to judge whether they need to be Editors
  5. View a Specific Member's Activity log for more detail on their recent activity
  6. Change a Member's Role
  7. Click the Confirm Editors button to lock your invoice

Once confirmed, we will lock down you invoice for the quarter. We will include any Editors added after this point in the next Quarterly True-up.

Pay Invoice

Once the quarter has ended, we will add your Quarterly True-up to the Billing tab.

You will have 30 days to pay the invoice.

  1. Open the Admin Console and go to the Billing tab.
  2. Click the Pay your Invoice button next to the Quarterly True-up. We list the most recent quarter first.
  3. We'll take you to Stripe where you can enter your credit card details to pay for your invoice.

Tip! Once paid, you can click the View Invoice link next to the Quarterly True-up. This will allow you to view or download a copy of that invoice.

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