Create and Apply Text Styles

Styles allows you to define a set of properties that can be reused across your team's designs.

You can apply a Text Style to an entire block of text e.g. headings (h1, h2 etc). Or, to text strings within a text layer e.g.links.

I want to:

Create a Text Style

You can create a Style from an existing Text layer.

  1. Select a Text layer that has the properties you want to reuse.
  2. Click the Style icon (four dots) in the Text section of the Properties Panel: 
  3. Click the "+" icon in the Text Styles menu to create a new style.
  4. Give the Style a name and click Create Style to apply.

Apply Styles to Text

You can then apply that Style to other Text layers within that File.

Tip! You can also apply Color and Effect Styles to Text layers!

  1. Select the Text layer you want to apply the Style to.
  2. Click the Style icon (four dots) in the Text section of the Properties Panel.
  3. Select the Style from the options to apply it to the selected Text layer:

Edit an Existing Style

You can adjust the properties of an existing Style at any time. This applies to Local Styles, as well as Styles that are published in a Team Library.

  • When editing Local Styles, your changes will immediately be applied to any Text layers in that File. 
  • For Styles in a Team Library, you will need to publish and accept these changes to see them in your designs.

Learn more about making changes to Styles in our Managing and Sharing Styles article.

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