Use Icon Fonts in Text layers

By default, Figma already supports Font Awesome, a popular and easy-to-use set of icons. 

If you'd like to use icon based fonts with Figma, you can do this using Local Fonts. This will require you to have a copy of this font installed locally on your device. Once installed, any icon fonts will be available in the Font Picker alongside your other fonts.

Use Font Awesome

  1. Create a text object in the Editor.
  2. In the Text section in the Properties Panel, click the down arrow next to the current font.
  3. Select the Font Awesome 5 Free font from the list: 

  4. Copy the icon your want to use from the Font Awesome cheatsheet:
  5. Paste the icon into your text object in Figma:
  6. Font Awesome has both Regular or Solid versions of an icon. Depending on the icon you wish to use, you may need to switch between these using the Font Style field:

Note: Font Awesome has icons in both Regular or Solid style. If an icon isn't showing up when pasted, you may need to switch the Font Style to Solid before the icon is displayed.

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