Create Type Layers with the Text tool

Text is one of the crucial components of interface design. Everything from the placement and arrangement of text, to the choice of font, has a part to play.

Figma uses its own custom text rendering. This ensures your designs look consistent, regardless of your browser or operating system.

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Create a new Text Layer

You can create a new text layer using the Text tool.

You can select the Text tool from the Toolbar [T]. Or, press the [T] key to use the Text tool keyboard shortcut.

Once you have the Text tool selected, you can create a Text layer in the Canvas. 

We have two default behaviors available when you create a new text layer. The approach you choose will determine the auto-resizing behavior:

Single Click

This will create a Text layer with auto-resizing set to Grow Horizontally. This allows the width of the Text box to grow as you add more Text. 

You may know this as Point Text, Paragraph Text or Area Text.

  1. Single click anywhere on the canvas
  2. Start typing to create a Text layer. 

Click and Drag

This creates a Text layer with auto-resizing set to Fixed size. This allows you to enter longer strings of text and have them wrap and overflow on to a new line.

  1. Click somewhere on the canvas.
  2. Drag to create a Text layer with specific dimensions. 

Adjust the Resize Behavior

If you want to change this behavior, you can adjust the Resizing settings for a Text object. 

The Resizing setting can be found in the Advanced Type menu: 

In addition to Grow Horizontally and Fixed Size, you can set your Text layers to Grow Vertically. This fixes the width of the Text box and allows it to grow vertically as new line are added.

Learn more about the Resizing settings in our Understanding Text Properties article: Resizing.

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