Create a New File

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma plan
✅Anyone can create Files in their Drafts
Editors and Admins can create Files in a Team

Files provide the Canvas where you can arrange your layers and objects to create designs. Learn more about Files in our Files in Figma article.

Coming from Sketch? Files are what we call documents in Figma.

I want to:

Create a File in Drafts

Every Figma user will have their own Drafts. You can think of your Drafts like a sketchbook or notebook. It's a place where you can jot down your ideas and experiment with different concepts.

Drafts are separate from any Teams or Projects. Any Files you create here are your own Files.

There are no limits in the Drafts folder, so create as many Files as you like. If you want to start organizing your Files, consider moving them into a Project in a Team.

There are a few ways to create a new File in your Drafts:

  • Click the [+] button next to Drafts in the sidebar to create a new File in your Drafts
  • Or, click the New File button in the File Browser
  • Go to the link:

Figma encourages an open and collaborative design environment. It's never too early to share your ideas and collaborate with others.

  • Invite collaborators to your Personal Files
  • Move Files from your Drafts into Teams and Projects

Create a File in a Team

If you are an Editor on a Team, you will be able to create Files that are shared with your Team.

  1. Open the Team Page in the File Browser
  2. Select the Project you'd like to add the File to
  3. Click the New File button in the top-right corner of the Toolbar
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