Share Files with anyone using Link Sharing

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma Plan
✅You can share Files from your Drafts or from Projects in a Team

Learn more about Permissions in our Sharing Permissions article.

Every Figma File has a unique link or URL. You can use this link to access and share your File.

If the File has a Prototype, that will also be accessible via Presentation View.

You can share that link with anyone to allow then to view and access your File.

The link will always be the same, even if you change your Link Sharing settings. You cannot assign or create a new URL for your Files.

Link Sharing Settings

You can adjust the Link Sharing settings for each File. There are two components to Link Sharing:

(1) Link Sharing Discovery defines how people can find your Files. We have four (4) options:

  • Anyone with the link
  • Anyone at <Organization> with the link
  • Anyone at <Organization>
  • Only people invited to the File

(2) Link Sharing Permissions setting determines what permissions they have. We have two (2) options:

  • Can View (Viewer)
  • Can Edit (Editor)

Tip! In an Organization, we set your Link Sharing settings to "Anyone at Organization" and "Can View". Learn more in Sharing Resources in an Organization.

If you are in a   Student, Professional or Organization Team, you have another setting. You can also decide whether to Allow Viewers to Copy and Share files they have access to.

To make a File private, you will need to remove any collaborators added via Link Sharing.

Update Link Sharing on a File

You can update Link Sharing settings from the File Sharing Modal.

  1. Open the File you want to share.
  2. Click the Share button from the File.
  3. Click the left Link Sharing dropdown to set the Discovery.

    Choose from:

    • Anyone with the link
    • Anyone at <Organization> with the link
    • Anyone at <Organization>
    • Only people invited to the File

    Tip! Select Only people invited to the File to remove Link Sharing.

  4. Use the right Link Sharing dropdown to select permissions.

    Choose from:

    • Can View (Viewer)
    • Can Edit (Editor

Want to prevent Viewers from copying, sharing, or exporting your File? Turn off the Allow viewers to copy and share setting. This setting is only available to Student, Professional, and Organization Teams.

Copy and Share a File URL

You can copy and share the File URL from the File Sharing modal. You can also copy the link from the browser address bar, if using Figma in the browser.

  1. Click the Share button on the File.
  2. You have a few options:
    1. Click Copy Link to copy the URL to your clipboard.
    2. Click Get embed code to view the embed code. This will open a dialog with the embed code included.
    3. Click the Copy button to add the code to your clipboard,

    Note: You will need to have Link Sharing set to Anyone with the Link to embed Files in a website.

  3. Check the box if you want to Link to selected Frame:

Tip! You can also duplicate a File by adding/duplicate to the end of the File URL.

This will only work with the original File URL. If you have layers selected, you will need to remove the node string from the URL first e.g. ?node-id=21%3A0<br><br>Collaborators will still be able to view the original File via the URL.

Note: We will add anyone who views a File via Link Sharing as a collaborator. You can view their name and access level in the File Sharing Modal. We don't track File viewers without Figma accounts.

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