Share Files with Collaborators

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma Plan
✅You can share Files from your Drafts or from Projects in a Team

Learn more about Permissions in our Sharing Permissions article.

At Figma, we encourage collaboration throughout the entire design and development process.

Invite collaborators to your Files when you:

  • Start to brainstorm a new Project with your Team
  • Need input from your copywriter or Product Marketing team
  • Need to share work in progress with a manager or client
  • Want feedback on a prototype during user testing
  • Handing off final designs to a developer

You can share Files in your Drafts, or Files from a Project in a Team.

You can choose what Permissions collaborators have on your Files.

In this article, we'll explore the File Sharing modal. Check out the articles below to learn more:

File Sharing Modal

You control who has access to a File via the File Sharing Modal.

You can access this in a few places:

In the Editor

  1. Click the Share button in the Toolbar

From the Project

  1. Right-click on the File Thumbnail
  2. Select Share from the options

From the File Sharing Modal you can:

  1. View which Project the File is in: Move Files between Drafts, Teams, Projects and Accounts
  2. Invite Collaborators to the Project
  3. View the Team Access - how members of your Team can interact with the File
  4. View the Link Sharing settings
    1. Define how people can find and access your Files
    2. Define what level of access those collaborators will have
  5. See who the File Owner is
  6. See who else has access to the File
  7. Update Permissions for Collaborators
  8. Copy a link to the File.
  9. Copy the Embed code.

    Tip! If you have a specific Frame selected, you can also choose Link to selected frame.

  10. Enable or disable the "Viewers can copy and share" setting

Note: It's not possible to give someone Can View access to a File, if they are an Editor on the Team. You can only do this if you are inviting them to a Project with Advanced Project Permissions.

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