Libraries in an Organization

Who can use this feature?

đź”’Users on the Figma Organization Plan

What are Libraries?

Components are UI elements you can reuse across your designs. You can think of these as building blocks. You can create a Component from almost any selection of layers like icons, buttons, input fields, and menus.

Styles are sets of properties you can apply to objects across your Team's designs. They help you to create and manage consistent brands or themes across projects. You can use Styles to define Color (Fill and Stroke), Text, Background Color, Effects, and Layout Grids.

Styles and Components live in the Files you created them in. To access and reuse these in other Files, you can publish them to a Library.

This allows you to maintain a consistent brand and style, at scale.

Learn more about reusing Styles and Components in our Getting Started with Team Library article.

Libraries in an Organization

In a Professional Team, you can publish a File to your Team Library. Only members of your specific Team will be able to find and use Styles and Components from this Library.

In an Organization, you also have the option to publish a File to the entire Organization. This allows every Team in your Organization to find and use these Styles and Components.

At Figma we call these Libraries, but you could also view these as part of a Design System.

Libraries allow you to improve access and adoption of your Organization's design system.

You have full control over who can view, use and edit these Files.

At Figma, we’re passionate about Design Systems. Learn more about designing at scale with Figma:

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