Pages in Figma

Who can use this feature?

✅Users on any Figma plan
✅Anyone can view and explore Pages in a File
✅You will need to be an Editor on the File to create Pages

Files are what we call documents in Figma. They contain the Canvas where you can arrange your layers and objects to create designs.

Within a File, you can create as many Pages as you need. Each Page offers its own Canvas, where you can explore and iterate on your designs.

Page Structure

There are five levels of File structure and organization within Figma. Pages are the last level of structure.

Each Page offers its own Canvas, where you can explore and iterate on your designs. You can name each Page according to its purpose.

They are a great organizational tool, as they can be applied in so many ways.

  1. Organization (Figma Organization only)
  2. Teams
  3. Projects
  4. Files
  5. Pages

You can use Pages to:

  • Iterate on different versions of a concept or idea
  • Break up designs by platform or device
  • Group designs by feature or product
  • Arrange Components and Styles into categories
  • Track each stage of the design process
  • Let engineers know what's ready for development
  • Present ideas or versions to collaborators
  • Build Atomic Libraries and Design Systems
  • Create different Prototyping flows for the same designs

Using Pages

You can access Pages when you open a File in the Editor. You can find, view and navigate between Pages in the Layers Panel.

This allows you to:

  • Add New Pages
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Rename Pages
  • Delete Pages
  • Change the Order of Pages
  • Move Layers Between Pages

Learn more in our Create and Manage Pages article.

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